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The best hippie coloring pages to boost your creativity - Free Online Predictions

The best hippie coloring pages to boost your creativity

Introduction to my favorite coloring book

hippie coloring pages

If you are anything like me, sometimes you need a creative boost in your life. Sometimes it is difficult to manage all of the stressors of life, especially without a creative outlet. This leaves little “me” time left at the end of the day.

The time I did have was spent finishing work around the house, feeding the kids, or running errands. I needed a relaxing, stress-free way to be creatively inspired. I felt that if I didn’t have a way to express my creativity and my unique perspective on the world, I was going to lose my mind!

Everyone finds their sense of peace differently. I noticed that coloring books were a relaxing activity that many of my friends were doing as a hobby. They had coloring events and parties together, and there were always coloring events at the library.

I wanted to use coloring as a way to spend time alone and delve into my own sense of creativity. There were so many coloring books to choose from. I ended up starting with hippie coloring pages, and they quickly became my favorite.

Things to consider before choosing a coloring book

Painting tools

hippie coloring pages

Do you like markers, colored pencils, crayons or pens? Keep in mind that all coloring books have different page density and some may or may not bleed through the pages. I started out with coloring pencils, but I also used crayons here and there.

In my experience, colored pencils are superior for fine lines and exacting details, and crayons are wonderful for gradients and backgrounds.

While all of these details are important to consider before choosing a coloring book, the person who wants to color will do so because they want to relax, let their imagination flow and let their creative inspiration lead them. Instead of putting too much thought into which coloring book will work for you, it might be best to go with what your intuition says first. That’s what I did.

Styles of coloring

Hippie coloring pages

There are thousands of different kinds of coloring books, and if you think back to what you liked as a child, chances are you will have similar tastes now.

The options can be overwhelming at first.

You might prefer very complex, detailed patterns to color in with a steady hand and fine, narrow-tip pencils. Or you might prefer very simple, easy and spacious lines that make it effortless to color in.

Your style of coloring depends on how much concentration, effort and time you want to give to your coloring hobby.

Maybe you are like me and prefer a happy medium between difficult and easy coloring pages. The difficulty of the hippie coloring pages vary, but no matter what their difficulty is, they challenged my creativity to expand and grow.

Hippie coloring book: what should you know about it?

hippie coloring pages

The hippie coloring page book comes with a multitude of different styles and designs all meant to stimulate your creativity and open your imagination. The coloring book focuses on hippie designs with varying levels of difficulty, however, all of the pages are alluring and beautiful even before you color them in.

When I received my coloring book, it was difficult for me to decide where to start because all of the pages were so beautiful! I had to flip through the entire book. In my opinion, the best part of a brand new coloring book is flipping through the pages for the first time and imagining how each piece would look before I color it in.

Difficult to choose? I help you.

hippi coloring pages

While there are many coloring books out there, these hippie ones are extremely special because they focus on the peaceful, relaxing vibe of the hippie era. They are primarily for adults, though teenagers may have fun with them, too.

The styles and patterns are playful, fun, cute, exciting and they capture that special 1970’s atmosphere that radiates peace, love, and happiness. Pages are made from high-quality paper.


  • Beautiful, elaborate pages with intricate designs
  • Varying levels of difficulty
  • High-quality paper (for vibrant colors that pop)
  • Creative and fun
  • Increases mindfulness
  • Fun, hippie-style era


  • The coloring book could be longer (more pages, I didn’t want it to end)
  • Some of the designs did not seem hippie related
  • Some of my marker ink bled through

Coloring books = obsession. Wonder why?

Beautiful, intricate designs

hippie coloring pages

Having so many beautiful, intricate designs to choose from is one of my favorite parts. There were so many designs that called to me and made it hard to choose where to start.

I wanted a nice balance between difficult and easy coloring, depending on my mood. All of the designs were beautiful in their own way, and this helped inspire and push my creativity out, even after a very stressful day. For when I was feeling stressed or tired, the easier, relaxing designs were the ones I colored in.

Relaxation, stress reduction and mindfulness

hippie coloring pages

While coloring in a hippie coloring page, my stress levels decreased and my mindfulness increased.

The only thing I was thinking about is that activity in front of me: nothing else bothered me, stressed me out, or made me worry. The coloring really helped me focus and remain centered.

Another benefit was the fact that my family understood that my time coloring was my “me time” that gave me a quiet, restful reprieve from the world.

Reconnected to sense of play

While it is a relaxing activity, the exciting coloring pages were not without a fun dose of playfulness. I really loved reconnecting to my childhood, there was a sense of peace and happiness throughout every page.

To hold a colored pencil in my hand and know that everything was up to me was inspiring and fun for me. I found myself smiling at some of the pictures I colored in. The sense of accomplishment when I finished a picture was also satisfying.

Fun, hippie nostalgia

hippie coloring pages

There is something fun and cheerful about the hippie era. Flowers, sunshine, peace signs, suns and moons, nature, music, love: these make my soul smile. Even more, being surrounded by these topics while coloring makes the hobby even more peaceful.

The hippie era is a timeless point of history that stands as an emblem for peace, happiness, and understanding. The sense of creativity booming from that source is unmistakable.

Increased my focus and concentration

I noticed that my capacity to focus and concentrate on one task increased, too. While coloring engaged my imagination, it also improved my fine motor skills, sense of organization and ability to plan.

This is thanks to putting together images in my head of what a finished picture might look like using more and more complex patterns, color schemes and details. I also felt that overall, my patience improved. (with two kids that’s a huge thing!)

Solitude and time to myself

hippie coloring pages

One of the greatest benefits of this book is how it has a way of showing people that you are ready to spend some time alone. My family knew that it was my time away and they were careful not to intrude on it.

My coloring hobby quickly took on a routine and everyone recognized that it was time for me to unwind, create and spend some time on myself. Having more solitude in my life made space for me to grow, reflect and improve in new ways.

I’m not the only fan 

After searching the internet, I found other reviews of similar hippie coloring books.


A fair review of “Hippie Animals”. Thaneeya McArdle is a popular coloring book author and she has an expanding collection of coloring books. Her work is beautiful, and she can really capture the peaceful, groovy, hippie vibe with her art.


A review of “Groovy Abstract” coloring book, a 70’s hippie style themed coloring book. The designs are more abstract, but they are beautiful! This one is more simple and less detailed, though the abstract style of design is creatively inspiring, too.


Another cover with a darling, smiling sun: “The Peace, Love and Understanding Coloring Book” is a sixty-page coloring book rich with the magic of hippie-love, peace, and happiness. The coloring book is friendly to a variety of different pens and markers, based in alcohol or water.

And that’s not all.

If the groovy hippie theme is your cup of tea, here are a few similar coloring books.


Amazing Adults Colouring Book: Hippie Days (Volume 5) is another option for you if you love to color in hippie coloring pages. This one is a blast back to the Hippie era, with floral flower-power style patterns and designs, VW Beetles and beautiful flowers. This coloring book is single-sided, meaning you can use markers or pens and not worry too much about bleed-through. For $5.00, you get twenty-three pages of beautiful hippie art to color in and expand your creativity.


This alternative is a personal favorite of mine. The “Hippie Folk Art Coloring Book has flowers, gardens, mandalas, suns, and moons, and the cover itself is darling. There is no way you can resist being in a cheerful, sweet mood after seeing those little smiles on those sun’s faces.

The art in this coloring book is hand-drawn by Dawn Collins, and every page sprouts with that special hippie-style peace, love, and understanding. Priced at $8.95, this coloring book has fifty single-sided coloring pages. The designs range from beginner to more advanced, and they are all lovely.


Hippie Animals Coloring Book” is a cute, playful fun alternative coloring book with hippie-infused animals. They are all so cute! All of the pages are so whimsical in their own unique way, and I really loved the cover art.

What sets this coloring book apart from the others is the fact it comes with helpful guides to help instruct newbies how to shade, blend, create patterns and symbiotic color combinations. This makes it beginner friendly, which was important to me when I first started coloring again. This one is $7.54, with eighty coloring pages.


Peace, Love and Hippies Coloring” has peace signs, Volkswagen microbuses, music and instruments, nature and an array of gorgeous, blooming flowers. This one appeals to both the beginner and advanced artist. The best part about this one is that along with purchasing the book, they provide you with links to duplicate coloring pages to print out and copy. If you’re like me, you love this because you have multiple color scheme ideas planned for one single picture (or if you mess up while coloring). I love that they call it the coloring book that never ends.

In conclusion

hippie coloring pages

I was given an outlet to explore my creativity, relax my mind and body, and be deeply inspired.It gave me space and time away from the stressors of life and gave me a creative boundary to explore and express myself in a way I didn’t even know it existed.

I loved how the books had a variety of styles and designs for me to choose from, and they all took me right into the colorful, imaginative and exciting world of the hippie era. For some, this time is extraordinarily nostalgic and rife with the beauty, creativity, and peacefulness that radiated from the hearts and souls of the people.

Now that you know my experience with this unique coloring book, it’s time to experience it yourself. I truly hope that you’ll have the same obsession with it like I do.



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