Alike - short film

Alike – The amazing shortfilm that shows what really counts in life

Intro 1.0

Society wants us to be Alike. They want us to think and behave just like everyone else. Even if that makes us feel like we lose ourselves in the meantime.

Do you know why is that? Because “Alike” people can easily become depressed, lost and hopeless. And those who are depressed, lost, and hopeless are easier to be controlled. Hands in the air who wants that? I don’t.

If you ever felt that you hate your job, you don’t have enough time for your loved ones and that you’d quit if you could, this video is for you. Everyone has the power and willpower to change. Everyone. You as well. Yes, sometimes it needs hard work and often to pass up something that’s important (or something that you thought was important).

The reward? Freedom and a whole new perspective about the world. A new perspective that won’t only make you happy but your loved ones as well.

Intro 2.0

21st Century has many advantages. We live in the “Era of Impatience”  where we want everything immediately. We spend too much time staring at our phone, playing games, texting or just simply surfing the internet. And we can easily forget that what the Internet offers is just a bubble. Nothing more but a continuous information-bubble.

I know they say information is power. And it really is if you use it wisely.

However, there’s no doubt that you can’t call power when you need help, empathy, laughter, adventure or, most importantly, love. You may believe that power is equal to money and money solves everything but I highly doubt that.

Why? Because I experienced the difference. Just like anyone else, I like to be in a good hotel, enjoy delicious meals in good restaurants and so on. Nevertheless, as I’m getting older I realized that those things are not what makes me truly happy.

I have learned that I could be way happier for example when I’m with my friends in a training camp. Even if we live in a hostel, eat simple foods and feel very tired after the exercise-tsunami, we just can’t stop laughing. Having friends and family, who accept you and love you for being who you really are, including your mistakes, is the best thing in the world. And feeling the same for them is even better.

I know that writing this article assumes that it will have readers. And in order to read this, you need an internet connection. But, as I said earlier, the internet is not necessarily the enemy. There are times when it’s a friend that can broaden your horizon and can help you to live a fuller, happier more balanced life. The key is to use it in moderation.

I ran into Alike on Facebook a few weeks ago and it had a huge effect on me. And I hope it will have the same on you as well. Although it’s only 8 minutes long, please, if you can, watch it in a calm environment with no distraction.

PS: once finished, put down your phone a bit and open up your heart to the real world.

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