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21 Healthy Ball Chair Exercises You Can Start Right Now

If you are looking to improve your posture at work and you want to be able to get in a bit of a workout, you will see that doing ball chair exercise is a great option. Using a quality exercise ball chair in the place of a traditional office chair can destabilize your core, which then forces you to keep yourself in an upright position.

While using a regular office chair, you will often find yourself in a hunched position over your keyboard. With a ball chair, you will be able to easily maintain an upright position, turning your passive sitting into active sitting. Although there are numerous chairs available today that say they promote proper back support, having a chair that you can use for healthy exercises and work on posture makes for a winning combination.

These are some of the best ball chair exercise options that you can use while using a ball chair at work or in your home office. In terms of repetitions, it may be best for the beginner to start off with one or two repetitions and then moving up from there. Someone who is more advanced with these regular exercises using a ball chair could do with three to four repetitions or more. It is all about listening to your body and never overdoing it.

#1. Stability

While this may seem basic, you will be amazed at just how crucial learning stability will be when using your ball chair. Sit squarely on the ball chair, placing your feet flat on the floor just shoulder-width apart. Be sure that you have your back straight and never lean too far front or back, and this will give you the initial stability you need to learn before moving onto the other exercises.

#2. Rock Your Hips

Keep your torso as still as you can and rock the pelvis forward and backward, moving from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock, while keeping it a smooth and controlled motion. You can then switch over to a side to side motion from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock.

#3. Roll Your Hips

Rolling your hips is similar to rocking, except just moving your hips using a circular, clockwise manner for several circles before reversing into a counterclockwise movement.

#4. Arm Circles

This exercise helps to target the torso and the shoulders while opening up the rib cage. Just make small circles while extending your arms in front of you.

ball chair exercise

#5. Tummy Twists

Work on the sides of your waist to help with battling the love handles. You can add some small weights in your hand to add some resistance while holding your hands at your waist.

ball chair exercises

#6 Tummy Twist With Modification

Do the same movement as above, just using a ball or holding another object in both of your hands. While seated on your ball chair, hold both of your hands in front of your body and press in on the item you are holding. Hold the press for four seconds and then release.

#7 Seated Shin Strengthening

If you are looking to work your shins and your lower legs, you can use this while sitting at your desk to get a good stretch by extending your leg outward and holding it. Move your feet down to the floor, keeping your toes pointed upward. You can then slowly point your toes down before moving upward again.

#8 Seated Shin Strengthening With Modification

Sit on your ball chair the same way as mentioned above, just flex your toes while holding a small ball on the top of your feet. Hold the ball with your toes flexed in that position as long as you can, then rest and repeat.

#9 Neck Stretches

This is an option that is just right for helping you to relieve tension during the day and allow you to power through the rest of your time at work. When you work on neck stretches, you will be able to relax both your neck and shoulders. To enhance this movement, you can gently reach your extended arm behind your back and hold it for a while before switching arms.

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#10 Neck Stretches 2.0

Interlace your fingers, put your hands on the back of your neck. Gently push your neck down then release.

#11. Ball Chest Press

While seated on your chair with good posture, you can hold a small ball in your hands at chest level with your palms facing inward with your elbows bend. Squeeze the ball and slightly push the ball away from you using a fluid motion.

#12. Ball Chest Press With Modification

You can add a bit of a challenge to the above exercise by putting one leg in front of the other and rocking your whole body forward and back as you push the ball away and then pull it back in.

#13. Front Arm Raises

While seated, hold a ball and extend your arms out while having elbows bent slightly. Lower the ball to your knees and then slowly raise your arms up to lift the ball just up to shoulder level, then lower back down.

#14. Weighted Front Arm Raises

Perform the same motion as above, but hold a one or two-pound hand weight when going through the movement to work your muscles and offer a great stretch.

#15. Inner Thigh Squeezes

Sitting forward on your ball chair with good posture and knees in the bent position, place a small ball in between your knees, pressing inward to squeeze the ball and hold for a few seconds. You can feel the resistance here in your inner thigh area.

#16. Duck Wing Squeezes

In a seated position using good posture, place the ball under your right arm just in your armpit area so that it will not fall. Squeeze your upper arm and your elbow onto the ball to mimic a duck folding its wing. You will be able to feel your arm and chest muscles tightened while you squeeze. Just be sure that you are not bending at the waist to get the best result.

#17. Chest And Upper Back Stretch

While sitting in your ball chair, extend your arms outward in front of your body at shoulder height. Interlace your fingers, or grasp one hand in the other, pressing outward as you round the upper back and your shoulders forward. You will feel your upper back fan out.

#18. Chair Stand

Using this balance ball chair exercise, start from a seated position with feet flat on the floor, cross your arms over your chest. Keeping weight on your heels, stand up and try not to use your hands at all. While you bend slightly to stand, keep your shoulders and back straight. Repeat several times while taking careful movements.

#19. Overhead Arm Extensions

This is a simple movement from a seated position raising your arms above your head without locking your elbows. You can also use this motion with a ball in between your hands, squeezing it slightly as you move.

#20. Heel Raises

This is a balance ball chair exercise that you can do by simply sitting with your knees bent, place your feet flat on the floor. Raise your heels off the floor, moving up onto the balls of your feet. Hold for a few seconds and then release. If you want to make the exercise a bit more difficult, place a weight on your knees.

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