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Amazing Astral Projections – An adventure that can make your life better

Amazing Astral Projections – An adventure that can make your life better

Being someone who has had a pleasant Out of Body Experience,(or OBE) as a child, I have always wanted to recreate it or experience something similar. For this reason, astral projection is a very enticing prospect to me.

astral projection

What is an astral projection?

An astral projection is a form of an OBE, wherein the person’s soul, (or astral body) separates from their physical body and can either hover over the individual’s physical self or travel to somewhere it wishes to.

Why would you want to explore astral projections?

There are various reasons you might be interested in experiencing OBE’s. My personal reason is due to, as previously mentioned, having an OBE as a child. As a kid, I could not fully understand it, and I have a faint memory of the whole thing.

Therefore, having one as an adult would enable me to be more aware and able to practice it. Your reason may be the same as mine or it could simply be that you just want to explore your spirituality and/or consciousness more in depth. I think Jeff Finley at sums it up the best; “To put it simply, to have direct experience of spiritual and metaphysical concepts.”

How is it accomplished?

Different people suggest different techniques for astral projecting. lists the steps to one of the most used techniques known as “The Rope Technique.”

#Step 1 – Relax mind and body

You can do this by meditating or deep breathing. Do not take shallow breaths. They also recommend using a good body relaxation meditation. Myself being a yogi, the advice I would have for this is to meditate and then perform a simple yoga sequence that relaxes your body from head to toes.

astral projection

#Step 2 – Get into a hypnotic state

This can happen only after you’ve reached full relaxation. Entering this hypnotic state requires your mind to be right at the edge of sleep, but not any further. At this time, you lie down and focus on a certain object. Stare at it until you can visualize it very clearly, even with your eyes closed.

#Step 3 – Proceed to a deeper state of relaxation

With your eyes still closed and continuing to visualize your object, try to look around yourself while keeping your eyes closed. “Gaze into the darkness. After awhile you may see light patterns dance across your eyes. Just ignore them and they will go away. Once they leave you’ve entered the deeper state of relaxation. You should be so relaxed now that you are not even aware of your physical body. Once here, you can move to step 4.”

astral projections

#Step 4 – Enter a vibrational state

This is the most important step. If you’re new to astral projecting, it may take longer. Once you start to feel the vibrations, your astral body is beginning to drift away from your physical body. Be conscious of this happening but just relax and feel your vibrations.

#Step 5 – Control the vibrations

Focus on the vibrations as they go through your body. Use your mind to control them by controlling the frequency of the waves and also try to start and stop them at your own will. Once you’ve mastered this control, be sure you’re able to start them on your own when needed, and you are ready to go to step 6.

#Step 6 – Imagine the rope

Imagining there is a long rope hanging directly above you, keep your eyes closed and without moving your physical self, visualize that you are reaching for the rope. After you grasp the rope, bring your hand back to your physical body, slow your vibrations down, and end this session.

astral projections

#Step 7 – Repeat with the whole body

Repeat the six steps, but instead of just one hand on step 6, imagine both hands coming out of your physical body to reach for the rope. Then, slowly place a hand over hand on the rope as if you are trying to pull yourself up.

This may cause you to feel a bit dizzy, making the vibrations act on a higher frequency. People report feeling paralyzed or coming back to their physical bodies. To avoid this, try your best to concentrate on climbing the rope. “Don’t stop until you feel your entire astral self-separating from your body.”

At this point in time, you should be completely free, finding yourself hovering over your body.

Jeff Finley from adds his “Wake Back to Bed” method. This much simpler method involves setting your alarm for 4 hours after you go to sleep, waking up and keeping yourself busy for 15 minutes, only to go back to bed. You then try to stay aware as you fall back asleep. When your body starts to buzz with energy, stay still and relax, letting your “self” fall through the bed or float upwards. Once accomplished, you will be out of your body.

Why is it Beneficial?

Aside from being just a spiritual curiosity that is worth the try, astral projecting has many benefits. notes that many people report feeling an inner awakening of their spiritual identity and a transformation of their self-concept after OBE’s. They say they see themselves as more than just matter now, more aware and alive.

astral projections

They gain a profound inner wisdom from the spiritual experience and feel a much stronger, deeper connection to the earth and to life itself. Some folks even say that after astral projecting, their ability to perceive things gets faster and improves dramatically. Most practitioners see the most important outcome you get from astral projecting is your own experience of what it feels like and that it is real, as opposed to just hearsay.

With that, astral projecting is a powerful, spiritual, out of body experience one can use to reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness. You may not be able to start hovering over your own body the first time you try it, but with practice and your own added research on the topic, you’ll eventually get it.

If you are eager to learn more about the topic, I highly recommend reading books like this or watching related Youtube videos. These are explaining how you can achieve what is an astral projection and different positive and negative experiences whilst astral projecting. The best one that I’ve watched so far is the following.

I hope you liked this article. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions about this topic.

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