best yoga videos

7 best yoga videos for beginners

best yoga videos

7 best yoga videos for beginners – get inspired now

Hands up in the air who have never ever felt the urge to do yoga. And keep your hands up if you, somehow, lacked the motivation and always started to practice tomorrow.

That was my attitude too. I became a pro in procrastinating. Not to mention the remorse that constantly whispered into my ears how lazy I was. And indeed I was. If my body had had the chance to talk to me, I’m sure my back and shoulders would have begged me to do at least some stretching. So decided it was time to finally do something.

However, I had a serious anxiety issue. Because I was afraid that if I went to a yoga class I would make myself ridiculous. So I knew I had to find out something else. But then came the divine spark. The magic word was Youtube.

I simply typed “beginners yoga” and checked some of the results. Here are the 7 best yoga videos for beginners that I liked the most.

Ps. Only a month has passed since I started doing yoga and my back and shoulders are so happy now 🙂

#1 – Yoga for beginners – Less than 9 minutes!

You can’t make any excuse. You have to have 9 minutes for this. This is the video I started practicing with and I’m still so grateful for that day.

#2 – 10 Minute Yoga Workout for Beginners – Improve Flexibility

Do you have 10 minutes for yourself every day? Sure you do. This video is perfect if you need a good guided mini-yoga class that is easy to follow.

#3 – 15 minutes yoga for beginners with Sean Vigue

If you have a tiny bit more time and you think you’d prefer a male instructor, you’ll love this video. I highly recommend to check out his other videos as well, they’re really amazing.

#4 – Yoga for complete beginners – Yoga class 20 minutes

If you have a bit more time to practice, this video could be a great choice. You can stay on the easier side of yoga and learn the basics. Trust me, you’ll like it.

#5 – Total Body Yoga with Sanela

This is almost a 25 minutes video which gives you a good workout but it’s still not that time-consuming. If you’re at the beginning of the yoga-journey -like I am – I think it’s wise to consider doing this session during the weekend. That way the time-issue won’t be a thing to worry about.

#6 – Ease into it – 30 minutes yoga

I loved this video. I tried it on a sunny Sunday in the morning. I finally realized that there really is something good when you practice yoga in the morning. After I was done with the exercise, I drank a delicious smoothie, took a refreshing shower and had one of the most amazing days of the summer.

#7 – Yoga for beginners: 40 minutes

If you have done a bit of practicing this 40 minutes yoga could be a great step to the next level. I loved Adrien’s other videos as well so, and I honestly think it’s worth trying them as well.


I hope you liked this compilation of yoga videos for beginners. I hope it gave you the motivation and inspiration you needed to start yoga. I’m not saying I’m practicing every day but I try to do some yoga at least 2-3 times a week and my body loves it. If you have any comments, I’m more than happy to read them. Good luck for your yoga-journey!

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