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11 Best Tarot Spreadings For Important Life Areas - Free Online Predictions

11 Best Tarot Spreadings For Important Life Areas

11 Best Tarot Spreadings For Important Life Areas Are you trying to be more spiritually aware of yourself and others so you can live a happier and more harmonious life? Dealing with certain problems in our life can be difficult especially when we just can’t seem to fit the pieces together. I believe if it were not for Tarot spreadings, I would not have been able to fully understand how I was self-sabotaging my own life. I will show you 11 tarot spreadings for important life areas and explain how they work to help you use them.

Tarot cards

Brief History Of Tarot

When first created around the mid-14th century in Europe, tarot cards were not intended for divination purposes but rather for playing various card games. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that tarot cards became a trend to be used for divination purposes. You may use Tarot for important life areas such as:

  • Business ventures, deals, careers, employees, and income
  • Key people, you meet with who are helpful, problematic or bring important news
  • Romantic relationships, marriages, family, friends, flings, and interests
  • Mental obstacles, hardships and being stuck
  • Help you make decisions based on possible outcomes and problems
  • Used to better identify and understand people or situations


Tarot Decks

You may already know about the most common deck which is the Rider Waite. It has fairly basic and straightforward symbolism in the drawings so it’s often recommended for beginners. However, some other great card decks include the Shadowscapes deck or The Wild Unknown. Always choose a deck by the vibes you get from it and by how much you are initially drawn to it, this way you get better readings.

Tarot Spreadings

When you’re reading tarot for important life areas, often the best way to answer specific questions or get a grasp of a situation is to use tarot spreads. Tarot spreads will set a foundation for your card readings by describing the role of the card in its particular placement.

#1 – The Past, Present and Future Spread

This is a very basic spread with 3 cards laid out in a single line that represents the past, present, and future of a situation. Used for:

  • Getting a very basic grasp of the past, present, and future of a situation

You may love to use this when there is that one, gnawing problem that you just can’t get out of your mind or stop thinking about, even if it’s a very basic issue.

#2 – Two-Card Decision Spread

There are 2 cards in this spread which will lay side-by-side and you must determine for yourself what they will represent. Used for:

  • Advice for what to do and what not to do
  • Decision between 2 choices

If you’re the type of person who over-thinks and over-complicates a decision-making process, this spread may be for you.

#3 – Seven-Card Relationship Spread

7 card relationship spread

Source: pinterest.com

This is a general relationship spread involving 7 cards which are all placed in the shape of an “H”, three on both sides with one in the middle. Both sides of the “H” are you and the other person while the middle is the binding ties. Used for:

  • Reflecting on the state of a relationship between 2 people
  • Romantic partnerships
  • Family members
  • Business Partnerships
  • Friendships

You may really like to use this spread when you don’t know why things have gone south in your relationship or when you don’t quite have a lot of clarity in the relationship.

#4 – Celtic Cross

Using 10 cards, this classic spread answers a specific question while going over the reasons of the problem and providing guidance of how to move forward. Used for:

  • Answering a specific question
  • Giving a complete overview of a situation
  • Provide detailed guidance

If you’ve had a problem that has been going on for a long time that you’ve never fully addressed, this spread may be perfect for you.

#5 – Truth Spread

truth spread

Source: pinterest.com

While using 3 cards, this simple spread separates the facts of a situation from your own feelings and beliefs. Used for:

  • Reveal what is real vs. what is imagined
  • Helps you understand your situation in a more realistic way

For people that are real worry-warts and sometimes over-think a problem, this spread may have your name written all over it.

#6 – Bad Day Spread

Bad day spread

Source: pinterest.com

4 cards are laid down in a line to represent a loving message, support, release, and inspiration. Used for:

  • Moving on from a recent bad occurrence
  • Feeling anxious or stuck
  • Improve your current happiness

If you are really in the dumps, scared or just need a mental boost, let the universe guide you to feel better with this spread.

#7 – Week Spread

week spread

Source: angelorum.co

With 6 cards, this spread will cover the overview for the week with a card for you in the present, the theme for the week, the challenge of the week, something to remember and a lesson that will be learned. Used for:

  • Weekly readings
  • General overview of the week to come

Instead of doing a daily reading, you may just want to know what’s to come for the week, so this spread might be just for you.

8. Horseshoe Spread (5 cards)


When used regularly, Tarot can be a great way to give us spiritual insight into ourselves, other people and our problems to help us live a better life. If you are looking to get into Tarot, I seriously recommend trying out some variations of the Rider Waite deck as it’s much easier to learn from. You can learn a great deal from watching psychics do Tarot readings as well. Feel free to leave a comment or question down below and share your thoughts about Tarot.

  • Go out and buy a tarot deck of your own
  • Learn about different tarot spreads and how others read
  • Give it a try

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