Overhead view woman's workout outfit. Female sports equipment. Purple sport pant, shoes, suit, mat, water bottle white headphones and shirt on grey wooden background. Top view.

Spiritual gangster review: look cool and bring inspiration to the gym

Spiritual gangsters review: look cool and bring inspiration to the gym

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When working out, I love feeling comfortable. Even then, I have never sacrificed how I look for comfort. Why, because I know there are comfortable and good-looking workout outfits. The problem, it takes me a long time to choose the best outfit.

Spiritual Gangsters have designed some awesome workout outfits for men, women and children. Too bad for me, I found this line of products just recently after shopping for other products. The bags, hoodies, tees and accessories are items I am considering to buy soon.

Overhead view woman's workout outfit. Female sports equipment. Purple sport pant, shoes, suit, mat, water bottle white headphones and shirt on grey wooden background. Top view.

Introducing Spiritual Gangster 

Spiritual Gangster has been in the industry for a long time, creating workout and athletically inspired collections. According to the manufacturer, their products are inspired by yogis, athletes, musicians and artists worldwide.

In the line of products, Spiritual Gangster has tanks, tops, hoodies, tees, bottoms. They also have inspiring gym accessories including bags, keybags, hats and water bottles. The items are designed to inspire positivity, kindness, generosity and togetherness. These products will suit you if you love classic items.

Spiritual Gangster is always releasing new products to suit the needs of many. To ensure they serve you well, the company takes direction from users on how to improve their products. You will love the Spiritual Gangster products if you love looking trendy while still feeling comfortable during workout. Designed with a philosophy of motivation, comfort and looking good, most of the products are made of cotton integrated with other fabrics. This gives them the durability property and wicking characteristics that define them.

Features to Note When Shopping For Workout Outfit and Accessories

Most of us have been there, you wear clothes that slide and slip with every move during exercise. It does not feel comfortable, and that is why many people go for tights even when they do not feel comfortable in them.

Of course, when it comes to clothing, comfort is relative; what makes me comfortable may be utterly disgusting to you. Comfort should come first when choosing workout of sports outfit. The items should not uncomfortably cling to your body and neither should it be so big for comfort.

comfortable gym clothes

Spiritual Gangster offers comfort without requiring you to spend half your day choosing. 

When shopping, consider:
• Winking
• Material
• Breathability
• Appearance

Some materials are designed to absorb sweat from your skin while others pull it away, enhancing evaporation. Material that soaks in sweat will make you feel uncomfortable while other materials such as Supplex and Coolmax allow sweat to evaporate. Cotton is one good fabric; this explains why most clothes are labelled 100 percent cotton even when you can feel the roughness of polyester. Though cotton absorbs sweat, it feels soft on the skin. Breathability is the property of letting out the temperature.

Of importance, get the fit right. Spiritual Gangster offers products for all sizes. These are accompanied by a sizing chart to help you in choosing your size.

Finally, consider the weather; you will need a heavy hoodie when the weather is cold. Though the price matters, most of the products in the same category have relatively the same price.

Product Reviews

#1 - Spiritual Gangster Good Karma Island Duffle Bag

good karma bag

The Good Karma Island Duffle Bag is designed for use by all. It is a round gym bag with pink, black and green flowers to up its beauty. The bag comes with the term Good Karma implanted on it. 

It looks girly, which explains why girls love it, but the overall design is unisex. The hibiscus imprints and the golden Good Karma enhance the look while the overall design brings out the best of this bag.

It is made of 100 percent cotton, making it highly durable. It is large enough to carry your yoga mat, and you can still use it while going on a vacation. Spiritual Gangsters have other cool gym accessories and other bags to choose from if you do not fancy this bag.


• Large enough to use while going for a vacation
• Great looking with hibiscus flowers and golden Good Karma imprints
• 100 percent cotton, making it last long
• Great price
• Offered with two strong cotton straps


• The flowers make the bag look girly
• Still small if you need to carry a lot of gym accessories

#2 - Spiritual Gangster 21 oz Sports Water Bottle

spiritual gangster water bottle 21 oz

Spiritual Gangster has designed lots of water bottles with different materials to meet all your gym needs. This 21oz bottle is one among the collection.

The bottle comes large enough to accommodate water enough for a whole gym session. It sports a white glossy exterior finish that matches with your clothes when you carry it. White can match with anything, that's why I like white bottles.

It is designed with two twists on cap for easy access. The cap is attached to the neck with a strong string, to avoid misplacing the cap again. The cap is standard with nothing fancy about it. It has a single easy flowing spout. The term Spiritual Gangster is printed on the bottle seemingly saying you are a Spiritual Gangster.

The bottle fits most cup holders. It is made of stainless steel.

/At the moment of publication there are no water bottles available on the site of Spiritual Gangster but I guess that will change soon. This bottle, however, is still available on Amazon.com.  - editorial note/


• Made of stainless steel for durability
• Fits most cup holders
• Cap is attached to the bottle's neck to ensure you do not misplace it
• Great appearance


• Cannot be put in the dishwasher
• Spout is relatively small and lets water out slowly

#3 - Spiritual Gangster Namaste Athletic Bra

spiritual gangster namaste athletic bra

This is for women who need something comfortable to wear during workout. The bra is designed to cover your chest while allowing you to stay comfortable. At the bottom it has a stripped elastic band to ensure it holds its position and still looks great on you. You can choose between five sizes to get the right fit for you.

Spiritual Gangster Namaste Athletic Bra is made of 47 percent polyester, 7 percent spandex and 46 percent nylon. The artificial fabrics give it great wicking characteristics, puling sweat away from your body while still enhancing breathability. The material stretches slightly to fit your breasts. On the left cup, a Warrior script is embroidered.


• High wicking characteristics
• Easy to wash with cold water
• Different sizes for great fit
• Grey color with stripped bottom to look great


• Nylon fabric makes the bra feel clingy
• After months of use and washing, the bra stretches a bit

#4 - Spiritual Gangster Jersey Power Crop, Grey

Spiritual Gangster Jersey Power Crop, Grey

Most of the products by Spiritual Gangster are heather grey. This resonates with most people while going on workout. This legging is made for athletes who need to look cool and feel comfortable while on the mat. It sports a single leg Spiritual Gangster logo, making it look awesome. Its appearance is enhanced by the enchanting wide waistband.

If you are looking for active wear, you might want to consider this option. It is made from a blend of nylon and spandex, making it feel soft on your skin, feel comfortable and also clean it easily. The material blend presents a great balance between support and stretch.

You can choose the between five different sizes to be sure you have the right size.


• Different sizes for a good fit
• Great looking when on your body
• Has a perfect stretch, support balance


• Relatively expensive
• XXL size is relatively small

#5 - SG Varsity Levitate Hoodie for Men

SG Varsity Levitate Hoodie for Men

The SG Varsity Levitate Hoodie for Men is designed for men who want to keep going. It is heavy but breathable, making it ideal for hot and cold weather conditions. It features cut-off sleeves, making it easy for you to lift your arms and twist your body without it getting into your way. You can choose between five sizes. Like in other Spiritual Gangster products, there is a sizing chart to help you choose the right fit.

The hoodie features Third Eye Triblend fleece, making it suitable for the warm and cold weather. It is made of cotton polyester and rayon, a great blend for comfort and fit.


• Great for cold and hot weather
• All sizes available
• Cut-off arms for easy movement
• Well explained sizing chart for easy choosing


• Relatively high price
• Cut-off sleeves leave your arms exposed

Social Proof

Spiritual Gangster's cool gym accessories have received great reviews online with most people saying they love the looks and the overall design. This has gone to outfit where most people love the breathability, the great fit and the long-lasting materials. The prices match the quality of the items as one user on Spiritual Gangster observes. 


Spiritual Gangster is a brand for those who are always working out and are looking for inspiring gym accessories. These products are designed with a great balance between all that you would like: breathability, stretch, price, support and good fit. On that note, you can choose between different sizes and the materials and durability. True to their name, these products inspire a high spirit, giving you the motivation you need for a great gym experience.

With Spiritual Gangster gym products, you get:
• Durability
• Comfort
• Trendy look

You can buy other amazing products of the company by clicking here.

I hope you found this article useful and you'll love these products just as much as I do.

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