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Why Indigo Children are Important and How to Identify Them

Why Indigo Children are Important and How to Identify Them

The world is full of all kinds of myths and legends of humans with supernatural powers who walk the earth. So it can be hard for some people to imagine that any of them could possibly be real, especially those about indigo children. But this type of people does, in fact, exist.

Starting in the 1970's, the children became the center of attention of those who studied the paranormal. It took the next few decades to make more of the population aware of them though. And since the fascination with them has only grown over time, many people have now been wondering if they too are one of them. So the following is a compilation of some of the basic facts that are known about the children.

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Who are Indigo Children?

These children are a special group of people who are more evolved than other members of humanity. No one knows how or why they were born differently than others though. But most of them feel like they are much needed outsiders that are here for a purpose. They get their name from the indigo color of their aura, which is symbolic of peace, tranquility, and empathy.

Why are They Important?

The main reason that these children are so important is the special gifts that they have to offer. Not only are they psychic, but they are truly caring individuals who want to help others. So many paranormal experts believe that they are meant to become the new leaders of the world to bring about change.

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Identifying Indigo Children

A lot of parents with children who don't fit in well with society's standards often try to pass off their idiosyncrasies as being part of their indigo child traits. But this is hardly fair to those who really are a part of this amazing group of people.

So it is important to realize that basic child-like acts of rebellion and questioning authority do not make a child have paranormal attributes. Instead, identifying indigo children must be done by comparing them to the following accurate characteristics.

Fierce Independence

Rising up to right all wrongs and defend others, there is nothing that holds these people back. They will stand up against any injustices that they come across, which make them wonderful leaders in the community. Raising a child who constantly questions and fights about everything is no easy task though.

Blue Eyes

One of the most unusual characteristics of these children is their piercing blue eyes. They seem to reach deep into someone's soul when they make eye contact with them.

Some have tried to claim that those with other eye colors could possibly be part of the indigo group, but this isn't true. Their blue eyes are an attribute of their unique genetic variance that sets them apart.

​​​​Intense Empathy

Indigo children can sense the feelings of others because they are so empathetic. They always seem to know just what to say or do to help others.

This empathy can be seen from a very early age when they rescue stray animals and comfort those in pain. In fact, their pure aura seems to be sensed by all types of animals who feel safe in their presence.

child with huge blue eyes and angelic face


The caring nature of these children also makes it more likely for them to fall into a state of depression. A lot of this has to do with their inability to comprehend the cruelty of other humans who seem to be able to easily compartmentalize their emotions in a way that allows them hurt people without feeling bad about it.

Psychic Phenomenon

Other types of psychic gifts are common too. These children can often read other people's thoughts, predict future happenings, and speak with spirits still roaming the earth. This begins just months after they are born too.

Many mothers have walked into the nurseries of their babies just to find them talking to some invisible presence. And the paranormal experiences only seem to increase as the children age. So by the time they have reached adulthood, they are quite powerful.

This is one reason that it is so important that they receive guidance throughout their lives. Without it, they can struggle to become who they are truly meant to be.

In conclusion, it is important to know who are indigo children because they are an amazing group of people who have a lot to teach us all if we let them. Besides their psychic gifts, identifying indigo children is easy because they are also kind, compassionate, and empathetic.

So if you or someone you know thinks that they might be one of them, the best place to start is by learning more through books written by experts on the subject. And remember, there are plenty of people who don't know that this unique breed of humans exists. So feel free to print or post this article to share with those you know. We would also love to hear from any of these children who wish to share their story with others.

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