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I ran into MantraBand bracelets a couple of weeks ago while researching for a project I was working on. See, I have never been a fan of metal bracelets, I always viewed them as bulky, but these have something to their beauty, weight and design. Plus, they are a constant reminder that I should concentrate on becoming better than I am today. They are designed for you, for me, for everyone.

Since ordering MantraBands bracelets, and I received it two weeks ago, six of my friends have ordered and received these bracelets. You will love them if what you are looking to add is a touch of beauty to your wardrobe.

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About MantraBand bracelets

MantraBand bracelets are simple and adjustable bracelets made of tarnish resistant stainless steel. Mantra, the manufacturer has been in the industry for a long period producing jewelry including bands, bracelets and chains. MantraBand bracelets are simple, but with finesse, you will always love. They are a little thinner that conventional metal bracelets, making them light and wearable all day.

They are designed with a delicate polish and an affirmation to brighten your days. These inspiring bracelets carry affirmation messages crafted for everyone; make your choice. Mantra takes directions from its customers, allowing them to produce personalized products just for you. The messages foster positivity, optimism and mindfulness, according to the manufacturer. One of my bracelets says, "Life Goes On"; it's a constant reminder that tomorrow will not carry today's tribulations.

The inspiring MantraBand bracelets are offered with great finishes to match your style. They are created durable, ensuring that a year after purchase, they still have their beauty.

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Things to Consider before Buying MantraBand bracelets

I am a fan of bracelets with affirmations, and recently, I started with the metal bracelets. The main aspect I consider when buying a bracelet is comfort, how will the bracelet feel on my wrist? Will I need to remove it when taking a shower? Will I feel comfortable when I wear it with my official outfit? Will it resonate with occasions I am always attending?

MantraBand bracelets are adjustable and that makes them ideal for different wrist sizes. My children can wear my bracelets, and they look cool on them.

Given their design, MantraBand bracelets are suitable for both men and women. They are not flowery to depict they are for women and neither are they dull. When shopping for a bracelet, you need to consider.

Durability; will they still have their shine after two months?
Material; if you are allergic to some metal products, be sure to check the finish of the bracelets you are buying.
Size; will the bracelet be easy on your hand?
Design and style; does the design resonate with your taste? Choose between the tones available.
Versatility; can you wear the bracelet to the office and still wear the same bracelet to a social function?
Affirmations; there is a message that you will love to read each day. This message is special to you, so, choose wisely.

woman with mantraband bracelets on her wrist


MantraBand bracelets are for you if you are looking for a metal bracelet that feels light, I sometimes forget am wearing mine, and looks great on your hand. You can wear it even on a sensitive skin, thanks to its quality material and great finish.

Quality and Construction

The quality of MantraBand bracelets will amaze you. They are made of 100 percent stainless steel. This is a guarantee of durability. They will not warp after a few weeks of use and neither will they tarnish.

These are adjustable non-link or cuff style bracelets designed to fit on your hands, and even those of your children. They are relatively thin, which is okay because this reduces their overall weight. However, compared to other bracelets I have had, they are still relatively heavy. Something I can live with, all day.

Once you wear them, you will understand why they are called bands; they are made of a strong and sturdy band of metal. They are free of lead, making them safe for you and safe for the environment. Even better, they are hypoallergenic, making them suitable if you are allergic to certain finishes.

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Choose between yellow gold tone, silver gold tone and rose gold tone all made of the same stainless steel. All the bracelets feature an overlay of 18k gold adding the shine to an already shiny bracelet. I expected the braces to a have a rounded edge, but they surprised me. They are offered with a crisp edge, flat. This gives them a sophisticated and stellar look. It is a design that not many similar products have shown.


It is not once that I have ordered products online only to have them delivered faulty. Why? Because the packaging could not hold the products well. Plus, I want a box I can use to keep the bracelets I am not wearing. MantraBand bracelets are delivered in cute boxes measuring 3 inches by 3 inches.

The paper boxes look sturdy, and they are lightweight and easy to open. On top of the box, the message on the bracelet is inscribed. Inside these little boxes, the message on the bracelet is further expounded. This gives you the true meaning of the message. Though it is good to have your own meaning because the message will be special to you that way, it is also vital to hear the view of Mantra.

mantraband bracelet in a cardboard box


The small packaging makes these bracelets ideal as gifts. You can easily wrap it as a single gift or toss them into a larger box with other gifts.

The Messages

The MantraBand are inspiring bracelets. They have a message for everyone. I had a problem choosing between the messages as everything looked inspiring to me. Mantra offers affirmations in five main categories. These are happiness, love, peace, journey and strength. My favorite is journey.

Enjoy_the_Journey_rosegold MantraBand bracelet


It will not take long for you to choose a message from the plethora of messages. But do not concentrate on the wording and forget the band finish. There is no day that Mantra will offer bracelets without a message. A tour on the Mantra website will show you that people have really connected with the messages. The good thing, Mantra listens. If you need a custom message, you can have it in the next round of bracelets produced.


I have only had my bracelets for two weeks. I have worn them everywhere, except the bathroom. They have not lost even an ounce of their shine. They still look like new. Because I hate bracelets that look all tarnished after a month, I scoured the internet looking for social proof of durability.

The finish on these bracelets is long lasting. At six months, the bracelets will have lost their shine, but they will still be looking great. This is according to those who have had them for a while. Mantra assures buyers that these bracelets will last more than a year for the active person before they start scratching.

Though these bracelets are adjustable, they will not break when you take them on and off constantly. You can adjust them all you want and still expect them to retain their shape and move back to their shape. This is ensured by stainless steel.

On MantraBand's website are instructions to ensure the shine durability of these bracelets. According to MantraBands, the bracelets' coating may be tarnished by fire, but stainless steel remains strong even when you expose it to extreme temperatures. And, just where will you expose this bracelet to extreme temperatures?

You can check the FAQ section on Mantra to see more on taking care of your bracelet. But, there is nothing more than leaving your bracelet out when you go into the shower and wiping them when dirt and oils settle on them.


Like I hinted earlier, the Mantra band bracelets are on the thinner side. They are only 3mm in width and it is on this width that the bracelet bears the message. Its 2mm thick, making it even stronger. You can wear it, remove it and play with it and still expect it to be strong. It is 6 inches long with a 1-inch opening, making the overall diameter to be 7 inches. However, there are longer bracelets to fit those with bigger wrists.

gold,silver and rose gold mantraband bracelts on the wrists of a woman

The opening allows adjustability, ensuring that the bracelet can fit on most hand sizes. Even when the smallest bracelet is worn on the largest wrist, it will still hold its shape. And will not feel unbearably uncomfortable.

The Price

The inspiring MantraBand bracelets are offered at between $25 and $35; a great price if you ask me.
If your order is $100 or more, the bracelets are shipped to you for free. That is my best part of the deal. If you do not fancy the bracelets, you are given up to 30 days to return them. The customer service is awesome. I had reached out to them asking whether I can have a custom made bracelet and they responded fast. About the custom bracelet, it takes time, and I had no patience by then.

 Actually, I was curious and checked Amazon as well and it turned out you can buy many MantraBand bracelets there too and they happen to be way cheaper than on their website. That’s why the links I’m giving you for the products –except for the source links under the pictures – all bring you to Amazon. However, I found that the new collection can only be found on the brand's site so if you are up for them, definitely go to their page.

What I Liked About MantraBand Bracelets

You can wear this bracelet alone or you can stack it with other bracelets; you can choose different messages and different tones for stacking.

• It is forged from high quality stainless steel jewelry, for durability.
• The bracelet will not stain, corrode or rust; it will last with you a long time.
• It is 6 inches long, but designed with an opening that makes it adjustable for different sizes of wrists.
• It has a delicately small width of 3mm, but a great 2mm thickness, making it suitable for play and work, while still ensuring durability.
• The bracelets are handmade, making the fonts on the message vary; you can, therefore, expect great designs.

What I Did Not Like About MantraBand Bracelets

It is hard to flaw these bracelets, especially now that it has featured on different style and fashion magazines such as Swiss Miss. However, some of the messages on the bracelets, I only saw two of these, are too mainstream that they have lost their magic. I would not hate to see new messages that spike my optimism. Again, I would prefer, but this is just me, to have custom orders done faster.

Social Proof

I always say the internet is the source of all things good and bad. While doing more research for this piece, I scoured the internet looking to see what other users have to say about inspiring Mantra band bracelets. There are all sorts of praises. One of the reviewers observed that the bracelets are made with a smooth interior, which makes them feel soft on the hands. This makes them ideal for all day use.

A user who has had this bracelet for a year says they still have their shine and look as good as new. Most of the users, however, are more inspired by the affirmations on the bracelets. Seeing that the affirmations are in five categories, there are lots of messages for everyone. There was a praise on the price of the bracelets; it matches with the quality of the bracelets.


MantraBand bracelets are a good choice if you need to add inspiration into your life or into the life of someone. They are perfect birthday, graduation or friendly gifts. You can wear them all day and not feel as if they are bulky. If you are a bracelet enthusiast looking for a versatile bracelet, you might consider this one. I bought three bracelets, all three tones, and I love them.

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MantraBand has also added necklaces to match with the bracelets. Considering the overall quality and the design, I would say the price of these bracelets is reasonable. They have been made available not only on MantraBand website, but also on other online stores, for easy access.

You can check all of the products out on MantraBand's webpage.

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