Fortune teller woman predicting future from cards

Amazing advantages of The Osho Zen Tarot

Amazing advantages of The Osho Zen Tarot

Sometimes, we are full of insecurities; it happens to the best of us. We tend to look for answers to some of the life's hardest questions like the future on Google and mystery. We wonder what will happen tomorrow. How will our children be? How will our health be? I have used the traditional tarot to get answers to some of the answers about the past and the future.

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The Osho Zen Tarot is different. It gives you an understanding of the present. The tarot is created based on the wisdom of Zen, which says that external world events are reflected on our thoughts and feelings, and we may not have any clue of what those thoughts and feelings are all about.

I have used other tarots, and they have helped me understand the present and my thoughts better. If I had the Osho Zen Deck at the beginning, I would have loved its simplicity if I was just starting and had to choose a tarot. It will help you understand your thoughts and the present better.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tarot Cards

Choosing a good tarot can be an overwhelming experience even for experienced users. Tarot cards come with unique symbolism, energy, artwork, and mythology. Using tarot is a personal journey, and as such, you should choose cards that you can connect with. When choosing, ask yourself a few questions including:

  • Does the deck speak to you?
  • How do you react when you see the decks first?
  • Does the deck come with a book for explanation to meet the needs of beginners?
  • Are you using the deck personally?
  • How long will you use this deck?

How to select?

When selecting a good deck, you can check the images of the deck online. Visual aesthetic comes in handy when choosing a deck. The cards should hold your attention and bring you back to the cards. The colors, patterns, images and artwork should entice you. You should be able to at least guess the meaning of each card. Here, you should look at both the major and minor arcana cards and also the back of each card.

If you are a beginner, a deck with simple to understand symbols, or one with a guide book, is the best for you. The cards should be thick enough to offer you a long productive life. If they are for personal use, you should be able to relate and connect to the cards.

Introducing The Zen Tarot

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The Zen Tarot comes as a deck of 79 cards. It is a creation of Ma Deva Padma. The cards are created to illustrate the present moment and ensuring that you make the present your point of power. These cards are usually accompanied by a substantial book, explaining the meaning of each of the cards, introducing up to eight different spreads.

Each card has a nice and comfortable feel to it especially when you are shuffling. Their self-explanatory nature makes them ideal for use by beginners. However, some cards need a little explanation. The Roman numerals on the Major Arcana are confusing.

This deck came at a time when the market was inundated with tarots, but it performs great as seen on consumer reviews. While it is not as popular as The World Unknown Tarot or the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, it is slowly gathering a following.

These cards are ideal for you if you have trouble studying the Rider-Waite deck, you are scared by traditional decks or you do not like court decks. They are also great if you are concerned with the present than the future, or you are interested in meditation and Zen.

The Feel

There are many things to love about the Zen Deck. The feel is one of my favorite. Each card is designed sturdy and durable, yet flexible enough to allow easy shuffling. The finish of each card is matte and glossy, giving them a good look. I prefer glossy cards because they slide out nicely when I am shuffling.

Fortune teller woman predicting future from cards

Even with the glossiness, the cards are not slippery and will not keep falling off. The dimensions of the cards are great at 3 inches by 4.25 inches. This makes them slightly shorter than most tarot cards, but slightly wider. This enhances shuffling especially if you have dainty hands. You will find it easy to swap from one card to the next just like shuffling.

Classic Themes and Images

The Zen deck comes with classic themes from the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. The images are re-imagined from a Zen perspective to provoke your mind and keep you in the present. Each image offers inspiration and refreshes your mind.

Each card will leave you cold and hopeless for more lessons; a great aspect as it pulls you to the lessons that each card offers. A good example is the Five of Pentacles, which offers a sense of possibility and power. Most of the cards have the magic of offering you insights to break free from your current tribulations.

Five of pentacles


Each of the re-imagined traditional tarot gives you positivity and empowers you. In fact, looking at some of the images online, I feel inspired already. Even with the re-imagination, the images do not look weird.

For instance, the Ten of Swords comes as Rebirth, 10 of Clouds. This means that instead of seeing a man with 10 swords on his back, you see a young boy rising from a lion. The lion is rising from a camel. Even without much explanation, you will know that this card is about, rising above all your troubles and moving through different phases as if you are evolving. You can have a different interpretation, but either way, the message will be positive.

Mind Provoking Illustrations

The Osho Zen has a way of revealing the dysfunction of the mind and ways through which our thoughts and egos imprison us. This is not all; the cards also offer solutions to some of the common problems that we face. The card Clinging to the Past comes as a replacement for Four of Cups. This card is easy to explain as it tells us to feel better. The illustrations on some of the cards offer insights into letting go of the issues that keep us prisoners.

Easy to Read

The Osho Zen cards are pretty easy to understand. This makes them great for all. You will be able to read with them even if you are a beginner. Each card is offered with two words on it to capture the importance of the message on it. If you have been struggling to find easy to learn tarots, the Osho Zen tarot will offer you a way out. Traditionally structured decks, they offer great symbolism and high-quality images, are comparatively challenging to study.

Simple is beautiful

You will find cards that have been giving you trouble in the Rider-Waite deck bearing new and refreshing messages. Some of the cards will get you saying, "That makes sense."

The Osho Zen cards are more Asian themed, and most of the illustrations are oriental. They also show the mythology of Asians; and as you would expect, the Asians have a rich culture. Even with an oriental backing, the cards are easy to read for all.

Guidebook for Osho Zen

You will be offered a book to help you understand the cards with ease. The book has 10 chapters in 104 pages. Each chapter is detailed to offer guidance through the cards. Even better, the lessons on each chapter enlighten you differently. The chapters include:

  • Posing a proper question
  • Bandwidth of cards
  • Cards layout and interpreting them
  • Osho-Zen Tarot cards for coaching
  • Realizing yourself to totality
  • Crisis and Rebellion
  • Being in this world, but not of the world
  • The vision of Zen in the current world

While some of the topics are to help you read and interpret the cards, most to them are to help you see your current situation in a different perspective and assume positivity in your life. If the Zen cards have touched you, the next best step is taking the advice offered on these topics. The different aspects of coaching with the Zen card deck are discussed with the contemporary form of each card being deeply explained.

By reading the book, you get to understand among other things, the life and times of Zen and reasons why you need meditation. A whole chapter is dedicated to explaining the importance of Coaching with Osho-Zen Tarot. The book was created to allow workshops and courses that use this tarot get all the guidance they need.

Witty Writing

Osho stands as one of the most provocative spiritual teachers who lived in the twentieth century. Granted, his writings will ignite a spirit in you to get the best out of yourself. He is known for his great contributions to the science of transformation. His spiritual teachings continue to gain root in all parts of the world. He impacts seekers of different ages, and he has transcended boundaries being heard in different countries.

Some of his popular books include Love, Freedom and Aloneness and Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder. Coupled with the illustration of Ma Deva, they make a lot of sense.

Compact and Lightweight

Even when the quality of the Osho Zen deck remains high quality, the whole system is offered compact at 5 by 0.1 by 0.3 inches and weighing 1.1 pounds. This makes the tarot an appealing choice when you are traveling. You can slip the deck in your backpack and move anywhere. Better still, the unit is delivered in a sturdy box, making it easy to carry.

wrapped box with a paper heart on top

Again, the cards will not feel bulky on your hands when you are using them. The package can be gift wrapped when being shipped to you. This makes it a great gift item.


The Osho Zen cards are available at less than $20 for a new set while a used set is significantly cheap. Though there are other tarots offered below $10, the Zen cards still offer great value for money. The used cards may or may not be good quality. Ergo, new cards are recommended.

The price offered is discounted as the cards used cost more than $20. Since the cards were first published in 1995, they have undergone different price changes.


  • Deck offered with a nice feel, making it easy for you to shuffle
  • Cards are an interpretation of the Rider-Waite deck
  • Cards are easy to read with fewer explanations needed
  • The deck gets you into the present moment
  • Each card is sturdy for durability


  • Major Arcana has roman numerals, which are not easy to understand
  • The price is comparatively high
  • Not all cards are self-explanatory
  • The book that accompanies the cards is a low-quality publication

Social Proof

Awesome evaluation form

The Zen deck is a favorite of many people thanks to its simplicity. Users claim that the deck is a great spiritual tool and many years later, they still hold on to the cards. One user, who has had these cards for 15 years and counting claims that the cards have the same magical effect they used to have the first time they bought them.

Others praise the quality construction of the cards. Even with frequent use, the cards' edges do not wear out. This makes them last long. There are praises on the book and how easy it is to make coaching with these cards. Even when the lessons on the book are said to be timeless, some users claim that the publication is poor quality.

The artwork has been praised for being great. The artwork on each card is high-quality and provokes thoughts, letting users gain a new perspective on their troubles. However, the wideness of the cards presents a shuffling challenge to those with small hands.

The cards are rated well online.


This tarot deck is offered with high quality images and high quality construction, allowing you to get the magic of the tarots and to keep getting the magic for a long time. The tarot deck comes in handy if you have questions and insecurities about life. About what will become of your tomorrow. About your children and about so many other aspects of your life riddled with a hazy darkness. The book pulls you back to the present and helps you understand your thoughts.

There are a number of reasons why the Osho Zen cards are great. The cards are easy to understand, they are created sturdy, and they are easy to shuffle for most people. Again, they are offered with a guide book, allowing you to easily grab their meaning.

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