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The Best Angel Decks You Will Love Using

The Best Angel Decks You Will Love Using

The art of reading fortunes, predicting chances and altering fate takes many forms. Tarot cards combine artistic visions of mystic forces with spiritual messages for guidance. Angel Tarot decks bring new focus elements into readings and are as popular for their beauty as they are for being effective spiritual tools.

So here are the best angel decks you'll love using.


Angels And Tarot - Their Mystery And History

Since the 18th century, what is now known as the tarot major or minor arcana were used as playing cards as well as spiritual tools to manifest the future. Throughout history, their interpretations have evolved to provide a wide range of personal reflection. While many styles of oracle decks simply rework traditional tarot imagery through a new artist’s vision, Angel decks focus more on epic figures from biblical, historical, and mythical legends.

The inspiration for these decks can come from many different spiritual traditions as there are angelic stories represented in many faiths. As messengers for God, angels are believed to impart wisdom, comfort, hope and healing from the heavenly realm. Even if you’re using the cards for mindfulness practices instead of spiritual connection, these concepts help you guide your intentions towards the same positive outcomes.

Most decks that follow traditional tarot spreads will have a total of 78 cards. This combined number includes 56 suit cards and 22 cards often referred to as the major arcana. An Angel deck uses for different divination purposes might have a different number of cards. All decks included in this review have a guidebook that explains the purpose and meaning behind each card. As with the art and message of oracle decks, the spreads used to read the cards take on many traditional or new arrangements.

If You’re New To Reading Tarot Cards

If your interest in reading tarot cards is new, it can be hard to understand all the different paths to interpreting their uses. ( This video could be a good guide, though). Ultimately, what matters most is what you feel and what you think when you’re focusing on the vision of each card and discerning the meaning behind the messages they represent. Tarot cards are tools for introspection in order to read into future effects, so their meaning will be subtly different for every reader and every situation.

tarot card - GUARDIAN ANGEL

Angel tarots appeal to so many newcomers to reading tarot cards because the figures are familiar, which brings comfort to the visions of beauty and hope that they manifest. In order for us to feel inspired and gain insight, we have to trust the tools we’re using and the guidance we’re given. Identifying your preferences is the first step in learning how to read tarot cards. Intuition means listening to your own thoughts and learning from your own experiences first and using that to help influence your future opportunities.

It can be daunting to face a deck of oracle cards and expect yourself to know the meaning of each one or the impact of how you lay them out each session. This is why almost every pack will include a guidebook written specifically for that deck, especially if the arrangement of oracle cards differ from traditional uses. If you’re only reading tarot cards for personal use, it’s even more important to pick a deck that speaks to your tastes.

Knowing Which Deck Works Best For You

As a divination tool, tarot readings work best when the reader feels a deep and personal connection with their cards. This is why I chose to look for angelic, historical themes for my newest deck. I can create a better vision of the future when I’m using artwork and messages that fit my preferences best, which increases my interest and mindfulness during the reading. When you’re drawn to study divination cards and appreciate each kind individually, your understanding of their purpose deepens.

Tarot card with angels

When I first began my journey with tarot, I didn’t expect to sense immediate results from focusing on a new technique for spiritual expression. Even though I thought of myself as a spiritually-minded person, I had a hard time connecting with the concepts related to the cards. The importance of being able to meditate on my concerns and find my way to the right answers with tarot’s guidance meant I had to find a tarot deck that suited my tastes and personal spiritual path.

Even though your priorities and purposes for using Angel tarot might be different from mine, I have picked five decks that I think are the best options to explore when you’re thinking of purchasing a new deck. I have my favorites after taking my time to consider the benefits and differences of each one, but you’ll see the unique details of each deck in the guideline below.

#1 - Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue

This is one of the most well-known decks of Angel cards in the tarot realm, and many readers are drawn to it for the ethereal beauty of the richly detailed artwork as they are for the positive messages of blessings for each card. This deck remakes the tarot’s traditional arcana as archangels. The deck also renames the suits by the elements associated with each one.



  • The elegant artwork includes many mystical or mythical creatures, such as angels and fairies and unicorns.
  • Color-coded borders for each section of the deck make learning the card meanings easier.
  • Simplified versions of traditional meanings focus on uplifting and encouraging the reader.
  • Supplemental books are available to purchase separately to enhance readings.


  • This deck might not satisfy those interested in learning very traditional tarot techniques.
  • The shorter and wider rectangular shape of the cards can be difficult for some people to get used to shuffling.
  • Only the major arcana use angels; the rest of the suits use other mythical elements for representation.
  • There are no explanations for meanings if cards are dealt inverted during a spread for reading.

#2 - Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations

 Representing the Kabbalistic manifestation of angelic creatures , this tarot card delves into a history of heavenly elements long held as mysterious. As more people become aware of the complex lore of angelic presence in this ancient Hebraic faith, more work revealing their visions comes to light. With 33 oracle cards and a small book explaining what each card represents, the Angel deck offers an uncommon experience for any readers of tarot cards.


  • The artwork has a dark and otherworldly quality, which makes each piece look like an oil painting.
  • With a history based on Kabbalah texts, the cards offer a unique elements for focus work and historical reference.
  • Sturdy cardstock makes shuffling easier and surviving travel and storage better.
  • The card booklet is in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.


  • Readers should be aware of or interested in learning about Kabbalah to understand card meanings beyond what the booklet provides.
  • The booklet has only brief suggestions for interpreting the card, something new tarot learners may find frustrating.
  • These cards may not be suitable to use for some traditional tarot spreads.

Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Angel prayer oracle card

Praised as a powerful tool for spiritualists who want to use angelic principles as their main focal points, this deck combines modern art with ancient symbols of faith. Prayers on each card encourage readers with affirmations and points of wisdom or grace. This tarot collection uses imagery of angels, archangels, and also the Divine Father and Mother presence in its 44-card deck.


  • The modern design has a refreshing take on the purpose of oracle cards, which is to give readers visual focal points that interest them.
  • There is a smartphone app available for use alongside the deck.
  • The book included with the cards describes how to use them as well as what each card means specifically.
  • Each card’s message reinforces loving, positive perspectives.


  • Both in number of cards and the style of divination used, traditional tarot readers would need to spend time learning a new technique and card spreads.
  • Some card enthusiasts may not prefer modern art as tarot’s historical roots are often depicted with more authentic imagery.
  • Certain decks have had issues with the painted border or cardstock quality.

#3 - Guardian Angel Tarot Cards

Angel in colorful shine

Made as a deck for beginners interested in tarot but wary of the sometimes troublesome concepts found in historical decks, this Angel Tarot deck uses iconic and elegant imagery to ease card readers of all experience levels through their visionary sessions. Prayerful comments and quotes complete the deck’s purpose, which is to focus readers on positive outcomes and points of view.


  • Even though the deck uses different symbolism, it keeps to the traditional number of 78 cards for a tarot deck.
  • Thorough guidebook that includes full interpretations and ideas for card spreads and uses.
  • A classical style in the artwork evokes a Victorian and cherubic era of paintings and images.


  • Some images or messages can seem repetitive in their uses for readings.
  • The cards are half image and half text, which is something card readers may not prefer if they want to read with free-form interpretation.
  • No smartphone app or digital version of the guidebook is available with purchase.

#3 - Angels Of Atlantis Oracle

Based on the popular legends and stories of the ancient Atlantis realm, this Angel deck crafts guidance through images and words of blessing, healing, and virtue. Each card has only one word for its message, allowing free-form intuition to guide readers through their focusing sessions. Modern and simple images are made effective through quality work and printing meant to draw the eye’s attention.


  • A glossy and thick cardstock means the deck is strong enough for storage and travel, and the images will retain their quality longer.
  • The esoteric imagery used in this deck is a unique depiction of angels and their divination principles.
  • The supplemental booklet educates the reader thoroughly on how their intuition might interpret each card.


  • The setup is very different from many other oracle cards, which can daunt beginners to reading tarot spreads.
  • The deck has a smaller number of cards than most and many readers prefer a large number of cards to increase random selection.
  • With such a specific focus on the legends of Atlantis, some readers may not be familiar with the history the cards are based on.


Out of all five, I found the Angelarium: Oracle of Emanation to be the Angel Tarot deck that resonates most with me. The history of Hebraic mysticism and the rich detail in each card’s artwork draws my attention, again and again, to focus on the future and what I can divine will happen through my choices. If you’re searching for an Angel card deck that stimulates your curiosity and reinvents ancient concepts, then this is the deck that satisfies both needs. Though it does depart from traditional tarot setups and concepts, I think it’s a powerful deck to have in your collection.

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No matter what your path to divination and spiritual enlightenment may be, tarot decks are tools meant for focusing on introspection and what the future holds for you that you want to make real. People who come from many different faith-based backgrounds look to Angel oracles and tarot readings for guidance and empowerment. Choosing a deck that inspires your insight the most will always be the deck that works best for your personal or professional readings.

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