Tarot card The Magician

The Magician – Revealing Secrets You Always Wanted To Know

The Magician - Revealing Secrets You Always Wanted To Know

The Magician Tarot Card represents the planet Mercury, and making better use of one's personal power. New beginnings are associated with this card, along with the colors red and white. It represents male power, logic, skill, high expectations, and intellect. The Magician stands between the physical world and the spiritual world.

In his right hand, he holds a staff toward the sky, and his left hand is pointing downward, towards the earth. The eternity '8' symbol is above his head, and around his waist is a serpent biting it's own tail, another symbol for eternity. He has four tarot suites on his magical table, representing the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water). This symbolizes not just the action itself, but the appropriate use of one's power for manifestation.

Infinity symbol.

History of the card

The story behind this card is a curious one. Apparently, the Fool stumbles upon the Magician as they cross paths in travel. The Fool is distracted and in awe of the passerby, as he is powerful, confident, and has an eternity symbol halo floating over his head!

Upon his request, the Fool quickly hands over his backpack and walking stick to the Magician, who then raises his wand upward and his left hand downward, calling upon the elements.

The pack is unwrapped on his table, and its contents are revealed. To the Fool, it appears as he can see his future clearly. All of the directions he can take are laid out before him: the sword of intellect, the chalice of emotion, the pentacle of earthly possessions, and the wand of ambition.

Tarot card The Magician

With the right tools put to good use, even the Fool can make something great of his life. The question remains, however, whether the tools were manifested, or if they were already present in the Fool's backpack.

General meaning of the card

‚ÄčOut of all of the tarot cards, this one will most likely appear when you have the creative energy to manifest a new life cycle for yourself. This tarot card suggests that an opportunity will soon present itself in which all of your dreams can come true, regardless of whether they are spiritual (fire), emotional (water), mental (air), or physical (earthly) dreams/desires.

When this card appears, there is no better time to devote your energy to manifesting. Good will most definitely come! This card is about using all of the tools available in YOUR backpack to the greatest good, and accompanied by a positive attitude, new beginnings and fruitful results will follow.

In upright position

Upright, this card is a very good omen, especially if you have been yearning for a particular thing. It is significant if this card appears at the beginning of a project, or when you need to make any kind of personal transformation.

The Magician tarot card represents results, but only if you are clear on your intent and underlying motivation(s). In other words, you need to be very aware of yourself, what you are doing, and your reasons for doing it. One unique thing about this card when you pull it in a reading is noticing more synchronicities in your life that have great symbolic and spiritual meaning, regardless of how insignificant or 'superficial' they may seem. Pay attention! As great a potential this card holds, it can be lost in an instant, and all distractions must be eliminated or quelled.

Reversed meaning

When reversed, this card can represent manipulation, greed, and lies. Picture all of your skills, and all of the tools that you have in your backpack, being used toward a negative end, instead of a positive one.

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It can be a sign that trickery is in the works, and mental confusion is apparent. The card reversed can symbolize that you are out of touch and trying to get 'back to earth'. There is confusion, and absence of a clear path. It is suggested that when this card is presented in reverse, that we go back to the story of the Fool and his encounter with the stranger.

We must free ourselves and let go of our present situation so we can better assess it. Ask yourself where your energy is being focused, if your motives are concise, if you are communicating your wants and needs effectively, and if you are using all of the tools you have, and using them properly.

Reversed, this card represents the universe telling you that you are not maximizing your potential, and that your skills are going to waste. We all have something that we know we are good at, and perhaps when this card presents itself in such a way, it signifies that you are not utilizing a skill that you have. Be it spiritual, financial, or otherwise.


This card represents masculine power of creation through desire and willpower. If the question you ask is regarding a new job, relationship, or solution to a problem that has plagued the querent for some time, it is best to advise the querent that their answer may come to them suddenly, in a dream or a vision.

This card is personally my second favorite of all the tarot cards, because of all the power it contains. It reminds us that we truly can change the world, as long as we will it so.

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