The Lovers tarot card

The Lovers – Revealing the secrets you always wanted to know

The Lovers - Revealing the secrets you always wanted to know

Have you ever done a tarot reading about a business situation or for a career path, only to end up with The Lovers card? Do the meanings you have come across on the internet not seem to match the spread that you’ve been presented with? Perhaps you’ve been surprised to see this card show up when doing a reading on a goal and you’re wondering exactly what it all means?

We’ve all been there; I’m no exception. So many times I’ve been presented with this card on a spread that has absolutely nothing to do with love. It’s always a shock to see it, especially in these circumstances.

What I’ve discovered, however, will make this easier for you: this card does have to do with physical desire and attractiveness, but it delves so much deeper than that. I’m going to teach you how you might be able to interpret the card. Then your readings will hopefully run much smoother!

The Lovers tarot card

Details About This Card

There’s a lot to unpack here about one of the most powerful tarot cards, so let’s dive in.

We’ll start with the strongest imagery: that of a man and a woman. The two are on opposite sides of the card, with the man generally looking at the woman, who looks to the angel above. There is usually a sun, a tree with a serpent wrapped around it, and a mountain as well.

This card shows the couple in the midst of earning blessings and protection from the angel above them. That angel is usually Raphael, who is associated with air. Air is also associated with communication, which is important for any relationship. The purple robes of the angel symbolize the importance of that.

The sun and the fertile ground indicate that the relationship is happy and healthy. The snake may symbolize the senses, which is where passion and attraction come from. The mountain is a masculine symbol while the water that flows on the ground is a feminine symbol, indicating a balance between two polar opposites.

Story and Evolution of the Card

This particular card has, since the inception of the classic Rider-Waite deck, depicted two lovers. It is the most positive sign of relationship happiness of any of the tarot cards and is commonly drawn with a heterosexual couple.

However, times have changed, and this card has changed with the times. No longer depicting one man and one woman, some decks feature animal couplings, like in the Wild Unknown deck. Other decks feature two men, two women, or two people of indeterminate sexual orientation.

The card now symbolizes relationships of all types, not just romantic love. It can mean a friendship or a work relationship. As the reader, only you can determine exactly what the card is telling you during a session.

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Interesting Decks Featuring This Card

This card generally features a heterosexual couple, but in recent decks, the imagery has changed. Some cards now depict two members of the same gender and can be interpreted as a same-sex relationship by your client; this depends on their romantic orientation.

However, the card has advanced in meaning to symbolize a partnership, not just romance. The Hermetic Deck is an example, featuring two people doing battle against a creature.

Meaning of the Card (Standing)

If you come across this card in a reading, congratulations! This is one of the most powerful signs to get in a spread. That’s because this is a sign that could signal that everything will work out the way you hope they will.

In a nutshell, this card can symbolize mutual attractiveness and balance within a relationship. The card may be telling you that things are coming into focus and that you may be getting the outcome that you would like.

In any spread were this card shows up, it’s important to remember that this is a Major Arcana card. That means that what it symbolizes in the reading is critical and so that it’s important you take this seriously. Do keep that in mind when you see this card!

The card in a relationship spread can mean that the strong sexual connection you have with another person is reciprocated. It may mean that there is a deep desire to know and be with one another.

The card may also signal that your own beliefs and your values are coming into focus. You seem to understand who you are and what you will and won’t stand for.

Overall, the card generally represents decisions; that’s why it’s a great card to receive when doing a Yes/No Tarot reading. When read and interpreted with other cards, it can symbolize that your original intention is the right decision.

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Reversed Meaning of the Card

The reversed meaning of this tarot card symbolizes the opposite of the above meaning, both in your personal evolution and in relationships. It can be a sign of imbalance or selfishness on your part or your partner. It may be a sign that balance needs to be restored.

In personal readings, this card can mean that you are running from your own responsibilities. It may also mean you have taken an action that has consequences and you are running from that consequence. It may mean that you must accept what you’ve done and you need to make amends in order to move forward.

Additionally, the card could mean that you are at war with yourself. You may be dealing with dueling ideas or options that could affect your life. You may also be dealing with guilt which is hindering you from moving on in your life.

In relationships, it can mean that there is some sort of imbalance between you and your partner. You could either be in a one-sided relationship, feelings may not be reciprocated, or that you or your partner is being selfish.

 If you are doing a reading about romance and you come across the card, it is perhaps time to take stock. It may mean that it’s time to discuss the relationship long-term. It may also mean that, unfortunately, it is time for you and your partner to move on separately.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About the Card

This card has made an appearance in several films and tv shows, often depicting a burgeoning relationship between two characters. Perhaps the best known of these examples is, ironically, a James Bond film.

In the 1973 film, “Live and Let Die,” Jane Seymour plays Solitaire, a reader, who reads Bond’s fortune only to come up with this particular card in every session.

Another film in which the card makes an appearance in reverse form is “The Gift,” which was released in 2000. In the beginning of the film, Cate Blanchett is reading for Hilary Swank’s character, who encounters the reverse card in a session depicting an abrupt end to her relationship with her husband.


When this card comes up, it generally correlates to marriage/love life, relationships, and someone who you’re looking for/waiting for.

The Lovers card is not my favorite, but I understand and appreciate the meanings nonetheless. This card is immensely powerful within any deck and ought to be taken as a sign to take the matter at hand seriously.

Did you find this overview of the card helpful? If you did, please share this article with your fellow Tarot readers so they can enjoy it as well. Also, if you think we’ve missed something important about the card, feel free to leave a comment down below! We’d love to hear how you have interpreted this card.

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