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Tarot spread for 2018 – what do the cards reveal about the upcoming year?

Tarot spread for 2018 - what do the cards reveal about the upcoming year?

Since beginning of time, famous occult people have attempted to break the code of time by predicting what the future may bring. Tarot gives us an opportunity to analyze possibilities, and take new courses of action.

We can get the best benefits from a 2018 prediction spread by accepting the prospects that it puts in front of us; making choices that will lead us to such chances, or altogether move us away from them. The key to the tarot is the understanding that we are ultimately in charge of our destinies.

Here is a Tarot spread for 2018. The reading is from the Classic 1910 Ryder Waite deck. Remember, the cards do not predict; they list possibilities.

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Card: The Tower (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) change, b) enlightenment, c) failure, d) conflict

Ryder Waite analysis: As with all beginnings, society (as a whole) often tends to make January their month to set up goals, and make wishes for the rest of the year. Sadly, people set too much stock into these goals, not realizing that a “new year” can begin at any time.

What it invites us to do: This card invites us to free ourselves from lists and self-imposed resolutions. Half of them will happen and the other half with not, like with every year.

What the card warns: The result of this card essentially warns us not to set our yearly standards with shallow resolutions. We are the resolution; they cannot occur on their own. Hence free yourself from checklists and plans that may or may not flourish. Instead set your own pace of action, rather than a “to-do” list. Life is lived by moments, not by checklists.

Conclusion: This card warns against unrealistic New Year’s resolutions that set ourselves for failure. Free yourself from planning and live every moment of life.


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Card: The Knight of Swords (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) courage, b) integrity, c) passing of misfortune, d) need for transparency

Ryder Waite analysis: Karmic events that will test society’s patience and sensitivities will start to take place as early as the new year settles and February begins. For instance, even though the 2018 political midterm elections will occur in November, social sensitivities will already be inflamed as early as this time. As such, false heroes will surface, dishonestly portraying themselves as society’s solution to every problem. They will pretend to be the knight that the card shows. Many will fall for the uproar and a lot of unneeded stress will surface.

What it invites us to do: This is a time to muster courage, keep your integrity, and wait for the insanity to be over. You must start really early, before things get worst.

What the card warns: The card warns against believing in false heroes that will pop out of nowhere during a heavily political year. It also warns you against falling for the social unrest that follows these events. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Your integrity is all you will need.

Conclusion: The month will start showing the signs of social unrest and roughness. People will be testy. Do not take anything personal, especially political issues. Keep to yourself. Muster your integrity, and find your inner peace. Nobody is a hero. We are all humans.


Card: Nine of Wands (reversed)

Divinatory meaning: a) adversity, b) delay, c) weakness

Ryder Waite analysis: The card itself shows a young-looking man standing ready to face opponents with a wand in his hand. When reversed, it means that there will be trying times when your strength of character and wit will be all you need to defend yourself from the malice and ill will of others. There is no better card to warn you to keep your circle of friends under watch and not to trust anyone. The best way society will be able to prevail this year will be by each individual’s capacity to take care of his or her own mental well-being.

What it invites us to do: This card invites you to invest on you. Take time to analyze your views of things. Take “alone” time to work on your behavior towards others, and on how you will allow others to treat you. This will be a trying year for sensitivities. You can only take care of your own.

What the card warns: Stay off meaningless discussion. Move away from petty arguments. Do not allow others to dictate your thoughts or how to behave. You are your best coach. Learn to stop others from infiltrating your mind, nerves, time, or money.

Conclusion: Still a sensitive month, March will prove to be a time for people to become introspective in order to protect their emotions from people who have forgotten how to live their lives. Our time is limited in this planet. Do not waste it on petty things.



Card: King of Pentacles (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) proliferation, b) power, c) abundance

Ryder Waite analysis: The King of Pentacles is defined by Ryder Waite as “The Lord of Nature.” As such, we may want to keep an eye on the economy this month. It looks like April will bring with it positive changes in our economy. Granted, this is also the deadline month for taxes, but an upright King of Pentacles foresees abundance, money-wise. It also symbolizes additions such as marriages, parenthood, and other ways of proliferation.

What it invites us to do: This card invites you invest money! The economy will be looking good during this time. Invest some extra cash, open a savings account, or even play the lotto. Hey, luck may smile at you this time. Just do not go overboard.

What the card warns: The card really warns us from entrapping ourselves by our own weaknesses, particularly our penchants for spending. In a month that looks promising in economics, take advantage of the situation, invest, and get some revenue in your pocket. It will change by September, so keep your money growing. Do not over-spend.

Conclusion: April breaks away completely from the original line of the reading and shows us a good state in the economy that invites you to partake from it. Invest, save some extra cash, and see it flourish!


Card: Eight of Wands (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) movement, b) change, c) swiftness

Ryder Waite analysis: May will bring vibrant, new things with it. Likely, we will receive news of an event that will bring everyone together in communal expectation. Society will find itself saying “things are happening quickly,” in a variety of aspects. You may feel it, individually, as well. It will be a fast-moving month.

What it invites us to do: Put on your seatbelts! May will flash us by. It will bring with it exciting and vibrant events that be possible thanks to the solid economic opportunities that will surface in the month of April. So, basically, April will set up the stage and May will put on the show. Seems like it will be an interesting time.

What the card warns: As with all active, vibrant times, enjoy the hype without moving in it rent-free. Always enjoy the action from a safe perspective. Don’t let the avalanche get you!

Conclusion: The month of May appears to be the dazzler of the year. It will potentially harbor a number of exciting events that will be big enough for all of us to witness. It seems that these events will be harmless and light, rather than heavy and tragic. Regardless, May will pass us by like a comet!


Uplifting and inspirational qoute of unknown origin

Card: The Fool (reversed)

Divinatory meaning: a) unrealistic goals, b) missed opportunities, c) unexpected problems

Ryder Waite analysis: Uh-oh! Did we get too carried away with the razzle dazzle of May? It seems that if we don’t wash it, June will be a pretty disappointing month to a lot of folks who got too much into the swiftness of the last month. It may be that the events of May will make some people make foolish plans based on shallow events. It may be that the solid economy in April will make some turn too overconfident in their investments. Do not forget the key word for February: integrity. Be moderate. The cards have warned you.

What it invites us to do: Be wise. Be alert. Watch the movements around you, Be smart.

What the card warns: Avoid pitfalls. This is a month for foolish decisions and bad consequences for not thinking ahead. Keep a good head on your shoulders all year round to avoid the possibilities that this month brings.

Conclusion: Not a good month for rash decisions or plans based on things that are not solid. If you allowed the confidence of April and the dazzle of May get to your head, you sure will be paying for it this month. Stay alert!


Card: Six of Swords (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) resolution of anxiety, b) inner journey, c) a crossing

Ryder Waite analysis: There is hope for the foolishness of July, that is, if you analyze your actions as you go along. If you live life obliviously, you will miss tons of prospects to atone for any past mistake caused halfway into a very busy 2018. It is easy to get lost in the process. This card tells you to watch out for prospects and chances to move away from stagnant ruts. Society will see those opportunities flourish, as a whole. Individually, we can cause big changes to take place if we start within.

What it invites us to do: Like June, July advises us to stay alert at opportunities that will arise and will help us move away from the mistakes of the past.

What the card warns: Do not live obliviously. Opportunities will be all around you. Move forward with your actions at all times. Go across. Move on. Carry on.

Conclusion: If you want to fix the mistakes of the past months, July will be the moment to do it freely. However, it will all depend on your individual ability to see opportunities as they occur. Live in oblivion? You may likely stay there.


isolation, meditation

Card: Four of Swords (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) retreat, b) recuperation, c) isolation

Ryder Waite analysis: Continuing with the flow of the month of July, this card represents self-analysis, retreat, and a need to recuperate. It looks like August will be the calm before the storm. Oh, yes, there will be activity again. Still, this card shows that August will be that one time to recuperate and take deep breaths. August may seem like a slow-moving month, but there is a reason for everything.

What it invites us to do: Go with the flow. Relax. Take the time to meditate for what is coming ahead. This is month number 8 out of 12. Fall will be approaching. Things are bound to change. Enjoy the calm.

What the card warns: Do not hasten things to happen if they haven’t yet. Things will fall into place. As a society, we will see a similar pattern. If we start to taper our anxieties as individuals, we will learn to create a calmer world.

Conclusion: August looks like a month of calm. It is a calm before the storm. This card invites you to look within and see what is going on around us. We should not tempt fate this month. Soon, we will see more activity.


Card: Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Divinatory meaning: a) financial loss, b) instability, c) false start

Ryder Waite analysis: While we may see gains in April, September will be quite shaky when it comes to finances. We may see some dents in the economy, so do not invest or do anything. Remember April? That was a month of proliferation and growth. If we, as individuals, take good care of our money as it is, September will just pass by as any other month.

What it invites us to do: Be on the lookout for financial ups and downs. Watch for overspending.

What the card warns: Do not cave into material temptations. Do not invest anything. Do not waste your money.

Conclusion: As a society, we will experience some losses in September, all of financial nature. As individuals, taking care of our finances will outreach society, as a whole, causing less damage in the end.



Card: Eight of Wands (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) swiftness, b) hope, c) great haste

Ryder Waite analysis: We saw this card for the month of May, and concluded that the month would pass us by very quickly. It will be the same in October. The month will be swift, vibrant, and full of activity. Fall would be in full furor at this point. The excitement of the cooling weather will have a lot of people on edge.

What it invites us to do: Enjoy the swiftness of this month. Live every moment. Time will pass by swiftly.

What the card warns: Watch for your activity. Sometimes we get caught with the flashing time and forget to focus on what is truly important.
Conclusion: As a society, we will witness a very fast month. Stop to smell the roses. Our year would be already ending. Focus on what matters most.


Card: Three of Pentacles (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) skill, b) commercial activity, c) team work

Ryder Waite analysis: This is a card of “groups.” Groups need to get together and conjure their goals for them to come through. It looks like there will be satisfaction from many factions, from popular to unpopular. In other words, groups will be pulling together to get what they want and most will achieve it.

What it invites us to do: Pull together. Make plans. Create a vision. Come up with a mission. Establish realistic goals. It can be done.

What the card warns: This month will not be the time to isolate ourselves. Do not be rogue. Join in “the group.” Let yourself be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Conclusion: As a society, we will see ourselves pulling together for different things. This is not a month to be alone or in isolation. As individuals, we will see the need for community this month.



Card: Queen of Wands (upright)

Divinatory meaning: a) sound judgment, b) financial success, c) pride

Ryder Waite analysis: This is a card of success and leadership. We may see another financial spoke as a society that will benefit us all together. We will end the year right; there will be a sense of success within all of us. The events of November, if we pull together like the card told us to do, will set the stage for a successful December.

What it invites us to do: Look at your finances. Make decisions. It will be a good month.
What the card warns: Do not allow the negative thoughts of others tamper with what could be a month of great opportunities.

Conclusion: Now that this is the last month of the year, clean house and get rid of “Negative Nancies.” They bring nothing to your life. Why keep them around? Enjoy a productive month.

Conclusion: What the 2018 prediction spread means

Did you enjoy this tarot spread for 2018? Take this as one of many windows of opportunities that comes your way every day to make better life choices. Remember that the Tarot does not predict. It is a tool of self-assessment where potential situations are discovered. Make the best out of understanding the prospects, and prepare yourself for what may come. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you feel! What do you think may be coming your way? Share this article if you enjoyed it!

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