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Draw True Love into Your Life: The Best Wiccan Rituals You Can Use Today

Draw True Love into Your Life: The Best Wiccan Rituals You Can Use Today

This is the year that you’ve accepted yourself. You’ve learned valuable lessons in the previous years with some of the biggest celestial events in some time, and you’ve come to a better understanding of your inner truth.

But now you’d like to invite your soulmate into your life, and you aren’t sure how. You know your old bar haunts aren’t going to bring you the depth you’re looking for, but where do you turn?

I’ve been there. Wicca, turns out, has a lot to say about our heart's desire, both for ourselves and others. Although it’s unethical to perform a spell intended to influence a single person’s free will, there are some things you can do to invite your heart's desire into your life.

Let’s take a look at some Wiccan rituals you can cast to bring to invite a person into your life that is meant for your highest good. Be sure you have a clear picture of how you want to feel in your relationships before you start so that the universe knows what kind of love to bring you.

#1 - Honey Jar

pouring honey

Honey jars are part of the hoodoo tradition, but Wicca honors all magickal expressions. This is a simple sweetening spell using household ingredients.

What you’ll need

-a small jar
-enough honey to fill the jar
-red paint or pen
-petition paper (any paper will do if you don’t have this)
-botanicals: some options are cardamom, rose, basil, lavender, jasmine, or red pepper
-a pink candle

Begin by cleansing the jar. You can wash it with salt water if you don’t have a cleansing ritual that you prefer.

Next, decorate it with symbols like hearts or other sigils. Then, take the petition paper and write down what you desire. Here’s an example if you aren’t sure what to say:

“Divine source, I ask that you bring the soulmate I need into my life. I ask for the person who is right for me to find me. Thank you for honoring my request.”

Place the paper and your chosen botanicals in the jar and fill with honey. Close the jar. Put the pink candle on the top and light it.

Place in a private location such as your altar. Recharge it if you need by lighting another pink candle on top.

#2 - The Path of Your Soulmate

This is a Wiccan foundational spell to cast a net for your soulmate. The farther you travel, the wider your net.


What you’ll need:

-five red roses
-transportation (your own feet if this is all you can manage.)

Travel some distance from your home. Drop the first red rose on the ground and say

“This is my soulmate’s path. My soulmate will find me.”

Travel back to your own home dropping the roses along the way with the final rose dropped on your doorstep.

#3 - Soulmate Tea Spell

This is a simple spell to help you visualize the universe granting your request for partnership. The herb Mint is used to find happiness and contentment.

hot tea on an open book

What you’ll need:

-Red rose petals
-three yellow candles
-one white candle
-a glass of freshly brewed mint tea

Cast your circle. Place the three yellow lights in a triangle in front of you with the white candle in the middle. Sprinkle rose petals all around you inside the circle.

Light each candle and invoke the energy of the source or god(dess) you work with. A good one to use is Aphrodite. As you light each yellow candle say

“I invoke you, (source, god, goddess)
I invoke you, (source, god, goddess) so that I can find my partner.
I invoke you, (source, god, goddess) so that can overcome my loneliness.
Such is my request.”

Drink the tea slowly and with intention. Imagine the energy filling your heart and entire body.

Put out the candles one by one starting with the white candle. Close your circle. Collect the rose petals in foil and let them dry for a week before scattering them in a river or stream.

#4 - Full Moon Spell

This Wiccan spell creates a charm bag that you wear on your person to attract your true love.

What you’ll need

-red and pink candle
-dried basil
-ground cinnamon
-two apple seeds
-rose quartz crystal
-moonstone crystal
-red cloth or bag
-pink string

Begin by clarifying what you want in a relationship a few days before the spell. It helps to focus on feelings rather than a laundry list of attributes, but feel free to make the list any way you like.

On the night of the full moon, gather your materials and cast your circle for protection and to petition the divine source or god(dess) you work with.

Light the candles and lay the cloth or bag in front of you. Make sure the light of the moon is visible on all the materials.

Pass first the rose quartz and then the moonstone over the flames of both candles and lay them inside the cloth. Take the apple seeds in your hands and say,

“In the light of our blessed moon, I plant the seeds of love.”

Place the seeds in the bag while envisioning the soft pink energy of the crystals. Place the basil and cinnamon inside the bag and tie it up with the string. Make sure the string wraps around three times and that you use three knots to seal it.

"So mote it be."

Close your circle. Wear the bag on your person or keep it close so it can attract your soulmate.

​​​​#5 - Herbal Tincture

This tincture isn’t meant to be consumed but worn as a perfume and kept close to you to attract your partner.

cinnamon sticks

What you’ll need:

-a glass bottle with dropper
-a glass jar
-cheesecloth or another type of straining cloth
-brandy or vodka
-red rose petals
-cardamom seeds
-cinnamon sticks
-red cloth

The amount of herbs you’ll use depends on the size of your glass jar. Fresh herbs should fill the jar three-fourths of the way full and dried should fill the jar by half. Try to use equal amounts of each.

On the first day of the waxing moon, cast your circle. Take your herbs and place them in the red cloth. Picture a soft pink light as energy emanating from your heart to the contents of the bag. This is heart energy. Do this for a few minutes and say

“I draw my soulmate into my life.”

Place the herbs into your glass jar. Pour the alcohol over the herbs and seal it. Hold the jar in your hands and repeat the above visualization. Say

“This potion grows strong with the light of the moon.”

Place the jar in a cool, dark place for about a week. On the day of the full moon, strain the mixture and place in your glass bottle with dropper. Continue to store the bottle in a cool, dark place.

Whenever you want to begin attracting your person, place two drops on your wrists just like perfume, so he or she will find you.

Perfecting your spell

Remember that spells should never manipulate someone’s free will. This can have dangerous consequences for you. Instead, the purpose of these spells is to attract devotion that is in your highest good.

If your spell doesn’t work right away, be patient. Sometimes the universe has perfect timing. Give each spell time to work before panicking and beginning another. Your path to your soulmate shouldn’t be anxious or alarming.

Have you tried any of the Wiccan rituals mentioned above? Let us know your experiences in the comments and if you were able to attract the person of your dreams.

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