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Struggling to sleep? – This guided meditation always helps me!

Struggling to sleep? – This guided meditation always helps me!

I guess, everyone knows the formula: too much work, bad eating habits, zero or almost zero sports = stress.

Well, that's what exactly happened to me. I worked 10-12 hours and I felt I just didn't have any time for myself. I knew I had to find a solution or my health would deteriorate faster than a Tesla. Well, maybe that's a bit of exaggeration but you see the point.

I turned to Google for help and I found an article about guided meditations. I knew it was impossible for me to attend any group where I could meditate but I thought why shouldn't I try to do it with the magic of the Internet.

I checked out many Youtube videos, and tried many of them, but the result I was craving for, simply didn't come.

Until I found this meditation. I truly recommend to give it a go. It would be a lie to say that it fully transformed my life, but the fact that I can have good night sleeps is amazing on it's own.

And one thing I soon realized that if I can have a proper sleep, my days become more productive!

Good luck for you too, it would be lovely to read your experience in the comments!

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