Ace of Cups: general, standning and reversed meaning

Ace of Cups, general description

Ace of Cups is the 49th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

Ace of Cups is one of the luckiest cards in Tarot. Along with other Aces it shows the great opportunity lying in us that can lead to the most majestic fulfillment. Its personal importance depends on the questioner’s relation to life. The spectrum of the card spreads from the joy, grace and satisfaction over external successes and to the greatest happiness over experiencing the unity with the universe.

In the forefront, it’s all about love in its every form: fraternal, parental, sensual and erotic love, the love of ourselves and the love of God. The card, of course, can mean other, more ordinary forms of love and joy though this idea is represented by the Ace of Cups. Anyway, keep in mind that the opportunity related to our intention is either already inside us or it emerges during the realization of our plan. It’s not pushy, it waits to be discovered and developed.

Ace of Cups, standing

The seed of a new relationship or spiritual journey that we probably haven’t realized yet. Opportunity for joy, satisfaction, prosperity and enlightenment. Understanding your environments emotional need. It can mean an unexpected business, an opportunity for an encounter or the beginning of a friendship or love.


Ace of Cups, reversed

┬áThe seed of a destructive relationship or a spiritual crash. A missed opportunity for joy, contentment, abundance and enlightenment. You don’t understand the emotional need of those surrounding you. It can mean an unexpected message, an opportunity for an encounter or the beginning of a love or friendship.