I Ching Hexagrams: After Completion

After Completion (Chi Chi)

Chi Chi – After Completion: The Water is above the Fire. Each line is at the right place, even the direction of the two trigrams are optimal. The relationship between the Water and the Fire is harmonious and balanced. We have to be careful because these two natural forces are the opposite of each other thus if either of them gets dominance the other will be extinguished. This is an ideal situation in which we can’t forget that fulfillment is always followed by a decline. If our achievements make us too proud and egoistic we’ll soon lose this balance. That’s how success can ruin us.


I Ching Hexagrams – After Completion: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Careful circumspection is needed. Just like the fox that doesn’t cross the river in haste to keep its tail dry.

Line 2: Small problems could be expected but they’ll be solved within a few days.

Line 3: This is a difficult task that needs highly qualified people to be done. If it ends, be careful since menial people can try after our success.

Line 4: Before sailing out double check the holes on the hull. We can expect conflict and thus tension awaits us.

Line 5: Something is finished and it ended with success. Commemorate the victim but the feeling should come from our heart.

Line 6: If lose our cautiousness at the end of an endeavor, we’ll fall into the water. Danger.


Personal fate The epitome of well-being and flourishing is expected. But prepare for deterioration.
Marriage Hurrying brings danger, deliberate progress brings luck.
Household, family Peace.
Childbirth In spring and summer it’s a baby girl, in autumn and winter it’s a baby boy. No obstacles.
Searching for a new job After three attempts we may find the appropriate job.
Social, political title At the beginning there’ll be plenty of hard work, but in the end we may get an important and high position.
Commerce, business life Success depends on the help of an influential person.
People you seek We find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property It’s difficult to find it.
Chasing thieves They are in the neighborhood, and they can be caught.
Pleading We can make peace after that.
Weather It’s going to rain.
Traveling It’s better travel northeast in company. Do not travel alone.
Illness Dangerous.
Personal wish Difficulties and obstacles.