I Ching Hexagrams: Before Completion

Before Completion (Wei Chi)

Wei Chi – Before Completion: Here the Fire and the Water are not at the right place. Their directions are opposed and neither of the lines is at the right place. There’s no interaction between the two energies. Everything seems hopeless, but if we focus on improving our circumstances with every effort there’s a chance to recover. Even if everything may seem to fall apart there’s the chance to succeed.  Every end is a new beginning; nothing can get away from the law of change. People are weakened by difficulties, exaggerated love and pampering, however, difficulties are just lessons in our life that make us strong.


I Ching Hexagrams – Before Completion: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The first line resembles a weak and inexperienced man who is lack of wisdom and the ability of good timing.

Line 2: It’s not yet the time to act. Take a break and preserve our honesty.

Line 3: Though we are on the right way, we can’t reach our goal alone. Ask for help.

Line 4: Before we act, we need courage and detachment to correct our past actions. After that we can go for our goal.

Line 5: The fifth line is a wise, humble and educated person to rely on in order to accomplish our goals.

Line 6: Preparing for something important, but anxiety makes us lose our self-discipline and causes trouble. We overrate ourselves and lose our supporters.

Personal fate Troubled, confusing period. Pay attention.
Marriage Difficulties at the beginning, but it can happen later.
Household, family Not harmonious. Not peaceful.
Childbirth Calm and peaceful.
Searching for a new job It can be successful.
Social, political title Luckily it’ll come true later.
Commerce, business life After initial difficulties, success.
People you seek He/She/It will come back spontaneously.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It isn’t coming.
Lost property It can be found.
Chasing thieves They’re right under our nose, we can catch them.
Pleading It is better make peace immediately.
Weather Rain. After it has cleared up, drought is coming.
Traveling It’s only suitable for short distance.
Illness Danger.
Personal wish Achievable.