I Ching Hexagrams: Biting Through

Youthful Folly (Shih Ho)

Shih Ho – Biting Through: The shape of the hexagram denotes a mouth (the four lower lines) that eats itself through an obstacle. (the two upper lines) This “eating through” symbolizes the elimination of evil powers, the situation in which it’s impossible to run away from the problems. You have to fight against it strongly and openly. Conflict is unavoidable, there’s no way out, compromise, excuse or sideway. The interaction of Fire and Thunder found in the sign cause lightning and it’s this light that can lead us through the dangers of ignorance.


I Ching Hexagrams – Biting Through: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This sign depicts a shackled leg. It’s a symbol that something holds us back in our environment. It could also mean the need for self-control, punishment and restraints. This punishment and control can refer to us or to another person. Shallow love ruins the children. Sometimes wise punishment is needed.

Line 2: This sign symbolizes a soft-hearted mother who can’t discipline. However, punishment is needed to create the correct lifestyle. Fine discipline won’t be beneficial.

Line 3: This line is close to darkness. It tastes rotten meat and finds it poisoned. It judges a person in which darkness is deeply rooted. It’s better throwing the meat away since we couldn’t deal with the poison.

Line 4: This line shows a hard task, a difficult period. Just like when we bite on the bone while eating meat. Don’t let this set us back; difficulties can only be defeated by chewing.

Line 5: It’s a difficult situation with unexpected luck. Dry meat turns out to be gold. With virtuous, right behavior we can easily deal with the problem.

Line 6: This line hog-ties itself as a result of its own actions. It like it has ears but doesn’t hear, has eyes but doesn’t see. It doesn’t listen to good advice. Stop this silly thing until you can!


Personal fate Luck, your influence increases.
Marriage It can happen, but there will be many arguments.
Household, family Danger. There can be a fire.
Childbirth If the baby borns in autumn or winter, it’s a boy. If in spring or summer, it’s a girl.
Asking for help You need two people. In the beginning you won’t be lucky, but be persistent and you’ll reach your goal.
Social, political title It’s a high position, you can get it.
People you seek It’s possible to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property Stolen – two people have to search southeast.
Chasing thieves You can get them on busy city streets.
Pleading It’s righteous.
Weather There’ll be rain and thunderstorm.
Traveling Luck.
Illness Danger. High fever. Possibility of insanity.
Personal wish If you hurry, you can succeed. If you are only up to profit, you’ll be unlucky. Be virtuous.