I Ching Hexagrams: Breakthrough

Breakthrough – Resoluteness (Kuai)

Kuai – Breakthrough: When the yang accomplishes itself, real breakthrough can be achieved. However, the yin force at the top of the sign means and obstacle. The yang energy can move the upper obstacle, but you need to be precautious. We can’t always escape every evil thing that stands in our way. If we did so, negative energies would rule our life. No matter if we have to come over an obstacle in our life or we want to get rid of a bad habit, being cautious is crucial. It’s like caring about flowers.

If we pull out the weed aggressively the petals may get hurt as well. However, try instead balance the situation. If the question is related to an illness, this sign wants us to learn to deal with less important problems faster otherwise they can become more serious. Try not reacting intuitively. If a cloth becomes dirty, don’t throw it out, try to clean it instead.

I Ching Hexagrams – Breakthrough: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The line depicts the leg. It’s too soon to solve the problem, success is far away. Flustering is not good; we’ll have a bad result.

Line 2: This line symbolizes the mouth. Don’t react smattery, don’t be chattery. This is just the state of observation; it’s not yet the right time to act openly.

Line 3: The line symbolizes the face. The tension of breakthrough manifests in our expressions. It’s not the time to face problems alone.

Line 4: The exact meaning of the line: skinless bottom. This refers to restlessness. It denotes a person who doesn’t listen to advice and tries to avoid problems. However, the leader should be followed now.

Line 5: The line is in a leading position. Now it’s the time to make a responsible decision.

Line 6: Recognize the evil hiding behind the beautiful face. We are surrounded by danger and incapacity. Non-action is the only thing that could help.

Personal fate This is a strong period. It’s a good time for spending a bit of money, but avoid piling.
Marriage The marriage won’t be good.
Household, family Current home is not good. Flood that will create anxiety is expected.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy.
Searching for a new job Difficulties at the beginning, luck will come later.
Social, political title No success is expected.
Commerce, business life Not lucky.
People you seek There isn’t much chance to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/she/it isn’t coming.
Lost property Search west.
Chasing thieves They’re already in the west, and is difficult to find them.
Pleading It’s going to be cloudy.
Traveling You’ll be lost.
Illness Danger.
Personal wish It’ll come true, but there’ll be an obstacle.