What happens when you open your third eye?

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What happens when you open your third eye? Have you ever been in the middle of a meditation and felt a popor pulling sensation in the middle of your forehead? Are you beginning to experience psychic occurrences? Do senses feel heightened to you? Well, you’re not alone. I’ve gone through the same experienceswhich have left me confused and wondering about my sanity, and as a wife and mother, I need my sanity. So I did some research. I knew about spiritual awakenings, but I’d never bothered to learn about what happens when you open your third eye. Now I’m going to teach you what I learned. What is the Third Eye? The third eye is a chakra, which is a name for an energy center in the body. There are thought to be seven chakras that are located along your spine towards the crown of your head. The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the series; it is located on your forehead and between your eyes. Why is it Important? According to Wikipedia, your third eye is the location of all of your psychic abilities. It is the gate through which you can access inner spiritual realms and when open, it can help you attain higher levels of consciousness. [...]

Detailed Palm Reading Guide-Everything you always wanted to know but never asked

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Detailed Palm Reading Guide  Your fate  lies in your hands Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, has its roots in India, China and areas of ancient Israel, but it’s truly a worldwide art of understanding your life and of telling your fortune. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, palmistry was often suppressed as a superstitious practice, but today, I know many people who practice it to successfully understand themselves and others. Luckily for you, basic palmistry is easy to understand and even easier to begin using. Of course, the more time you put into studying it, the more successful you’ll be in making accurate predictions. If you want to get started in becoming a chiromancer yourself, I have put together this detailed palm reading guide to help you understand the main aspects of this art. Choosing Which Hand to Read Most people have two hands; you can’t start palm reading without knowing which hand to examine. I really recommend that you spend some time looking at both hands, but you should begin with the dominant hand. Theories of the dominant hand There are some palmists who believe that all females should use the right hand as the dominant hand and that all males should refer to the left [...]

Welcome Seekers!

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Thanks for visiting us Warm Welcome on Fatecaster, the very popular regional spiritual website was translated into English in order to serve international demands. Our goal is simple We are dedicated to helping you on the spiritual journey of self-improvement through specially created online divination programs. Tarot, I Ching and the Yes-No divinations are not only easy to use, but they can answer every question that you can come up with. Fatecaster.com guarantees quality and continuously freshening content for all those people who share our spiritual, esoteric view. We also would like to invite our readers to like our newly launched Facebook page which. This is not only a good platform for us to communicate with you but also for our users to start deep conversations that can contribute to living a fuller and happier life. But that’s not all Subscribing our newsletter gives you that little plus. That little plus is an unusual nonetheless useful weekly horoscope that is the missing link towards completion. We truly hope that visiting our page regularly will not only help you solve your problems quicker and easier but also to achieve your goals faster and have a happy fulfilling life. [...]

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