I Ching Hexagrams: Conflict

Conflict (Sung)

Sung– Conflict: The Heaven is above the Water. Heavenly force trends upwards by nature, water trends downwards that symbolizes dividing energies. On an individual level it shows disharmony between body and mind, conflict between people. Two honest people can’t make an agreement. To solve the situation, it’s we should either ask help from a third, highly respected person or to do our best to show our pure intentions.


I Ching Hexagrams – Conflict: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Don’t let a starting argument tangle you. Wisely avoid it, and things will right themselves.

Line 2: The second line denotes a less important leader, who fell out with the leader symbolized by the fifth line. You can’t win in this situation. You should retreat. Patience can help avoiding the argument.

Line 3: This line shows that it’s better sticking to old things. There is a weak yin line between the two yang ones. If we stay cautious there won’t be any trouble. It’s not lucky to start a new business now.

Line 4: The fourth is a strong yang line in a yin position. We may win an argument with force but that doesn’t mean we are right. It’s better to stop discordance to be lucky.

Line 5: This sign represents huge power and truth. However in order to succeed we need stamina, self-knowledge and morality. Be careful with the situation, don’t hurt anyone.

Line 6: If we win the argument, we can be famous. However, this fame is not precious because it’s based on injustice and power. This victory has its price, and it is the peace of our soul.

Personal fate A bit of discomfort and concern.
Marriage The marriage will be unhappy, full of arguments. The dispute can be arranged by a strong mediator.
Household, family Moving is advantageous because the house is not peaceful and there are many obstacles.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy.
Asking for help If we’re asking for it for someone else, it’s obtainable, if for ourselves, it’s not.
Social, political title It’s impossible to get it soon.
People you seek It’s better not looking for it, otherwise there’ll be a discordance.
Person you’re waiting for He/She is not coming.
Lost property It’s close to our home.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding west. If someone reveals their whereabouts, we may catch them.
Pleading It’s better not starting it.
Weather It’s going to be raining, but in 3 days the weather will be nice again.
Traveling Don’t argue with your fellow-passenger. Traveling is not fortunate.
Illness It’s difficult to heal it. Pain in the area of the heart, stomach or abdomen.
Personal wish It’s difficult to accomplish it.
Social, political title Successful at the beginning, then problems occur.