I Ching Hexagrams: Contemplation

Contemplation-View (Kuan)

Kuan -Contemplation: the two upper yang lines symbolize virtue. The sign is similar to a church or an altar where we can do some mental activities. Kuan denotes a lifestyle in which self-improvement and continuous self-study not only help controlling ourselves but they give a hand to develop ourselves. Such self-monitoring can help avoiding external pressure and trouble. This sign, depending on which line we got, can mean the necessity of self-examination. Certain lines show the levels of our alertness.


I Ching Hexagrams – Contemplation: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line has perspective of a child. As an adult it leads to the indignity of childish view.

Line 2: The line shows a girl peeking from behind a folding screen. Though she is protecting her modesty, this is not the right way to analyze things.

Line 3: Our situation offers a crossroad. Gather all information before making a decision and don’t rush it. Consider it thoroughly, observe a little bit longer.

Line 4: We’ve already reached something. The fourth line can lock back and forward as well. Don’t concentrate only on ourselves, assess our environment as well.

Line 5: Here everyone can observe our situation. Be an example of virtue and honor that is worth to be followed.

Line 6: Although we don’t have strong, direct influence to others we still can be an excellent example. Don’t stop self-education.

Personal fate Those who are familiar with arts and literature have a fortunate period. This is a good time to be efficient, don’t stay home!
Marriage Conflict and resistance is expected.
Household, family If the house and the shrine is near to a church, everything will be all right.
Childbirth It’s safe. The first child is a boy, the second is a girl.
Asking for help Recline upon the help of a high status person or an influenced religious leader.
Social, political title You can get the status you wish for.
Commerce, business life Successful.
People you seek Search to the west.
Person you’re waiting for He/she/it is not coming.
Lost property Search in the southwest.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding in a church. Go get them fast.
Pleading Your acts are reasonable. In the end you can come to an agreement.
Weather Though it’s not going to rain, but it’s not sure whether it’ll be sunny or cloudy.
Traveling It’s dangerous alone, but traveling far away with company is safe.
Illness It’s difficult to cure.
Personal wish If you hurry, you won’t reach your goals.