I Ching Hexagrams: Corners of the Mouth

Corners of the Mouth -Providing Nourishment: (I)

– Corners of the Mouth: In this sign the Mountain is above the Thunder. It traces out a mouth. Mouth is not only the organ we eat with but it’s also the one we express our thoughts with. The lower trigram denotes the technically speaking mouth with which we satisfy our physical and selfish desires. The upper trigram denotes the mind’s nourishment that can mean both self-improvement and teaching others. This sign calls us up to check whether our nutrition is good enough. Those who can only think about their mouth – eating – in their whole life can’t progress spiritually. If we eat healthily and don’t have issues with speaking calmly there won’t be any problems. By paying attention to teach others we can improve spiritually as well.

I Ching Hexagrams – Corners of the Mouth: meaning of the lines

Line 1: There is mountain turtle that only eats air and dewdrops. He is the symbol of calm, peaceful and long life. The best nutritions are peace and tranquility. Do not spend too much time on admiring externals and jealousy because we will lose our well-being. Vanity and luxury enslave you.

Line 2: Those who are off the hack and aim for things exceeding their abilities will be unlucky. The sign also refers to the fact that many people tend to crazily go after happiness and security but in the meantime they lose the advantages of them.

Line 3: Malnutrition. The more we eat the less we can control ourselves. The more we chat to no end the more repulsive we look. Don’t exaggerate and pick wisely what we eat.

Line 4: This line is like a tiger. It only hunts when it’s hungry but then its power and courage help him defeat the pray fast. Be like the tiger that lets others eat as well and always acts wisely. It restricts its own wishes and doesn’t destroy anything unnecessarily.

Line 5: This line doesn’t have a leading role. It has already piled up enough food and waits calmly. Avoid inattention that, just like a wrong diet, would distract attention. Don’t cross the big river, taking risks is dangerous.

Line 6: This line is the leader of the sign. In this situation it has to govern with wise decisions and it has to avoid the blind urge of shallow desires.


Personal fate You have a lot of money and property. You can have fame in the future. Success doesn’t refer to the spouse.
Marriage Marriage based on gentleman’s agreement lead to quarrel and dispute.
Household, family The house should be next to a hill or a mountain, with a dipterous door. The foundation of the house is exposed to erosion. Be careful with fire as well.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy. Being born in summer or autumn, it’s a baby girl. The mother gets sick during childbirth.
Searching for a new job After the initial difficulties, in the end success is expected.
Social, political title Though it’s not fortunate at the moment, later on luck is expected.
Commerce, business life Keep your old business. New ideas aren’t useful at the moment.
People you seek You’ll meet him/her soon.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is not coming.
Lost property It has been mixed up with other things, but it will be found soon.
Chasing thieves They’re in the northeast, and you can catch them.
Pleading At first it seems grave, but will ease up later. Do not rely on others help.
Weather Cloudy weather is expected.
Illness It’s dangerous, the person in question is unable to eat. If the fourth sign is stronger, it’s difficult to cure the illness.