I Ching Hexagrams: Darkening of the light

Darkening of the light (Ming I)

Ming I- Darkening of the light: The Earth covers the light of the Fire. Our light is obscured by obstacles. Improvement or even life itself is in danger. The Fire under the Earth foresees a soon erupting volcano. It alerts us that it’s time to make off. According to human relations, these two trigrams can show the relationship of a talented subordinate and an unskillful leader. It’s like when a narrow-minded boss has a gloriously talented employee. In such cases, the only way for the employee to protect his/herself is to keep quiet. All in all, this sign teaches us to hunch. Pageant things should be switched to modesty. Wait patiently (or leave fast) until dawn arrives.


I Ching Hexagrams – Darkening of the light: meaning of the lines

Line 1: It’s time to leave. Don’t take a favor from everyone, danger is still avoidable. Consider it carefully but quickly.

Line 2: This line is the light of the lower trigram that is covered by the surface. Right now we can’t fight with darkness, we need to flee. Inner darkness is more difficult to recognize, but if we find it, we have to handle it with strength and determination.

Line 3: This line fights with the chief of darkness (evilness). Your only chance to win is by being respectable and cautious. However, if you are respectful, attack without compromise. The fifth and the sixth line become damaged as well.

Line 4: The line is at the brink of full darkness. It still has the opportunity to follow the light, but if it fails, hopeless darkness awaits. Listen to our own inner light.

Line 5: Darkness has arrived. We have no chance to get away from it. Take care of the pureness of our mind and inner light.

Line 6: Strong winds and big storms don’t last forever. Darkness will end, and light will come again.


Personal fate Problems are difficult. Be quiet.
Marriage Though it can be a long marriage, lot of arguing is expected. It’s not the best relationship.
Household, family There is a by-pass road in front of the house that disturbs the energy flow. The house brings misfortune. If kids live separated from their parents, there’ll be fewer difficulties.
Childbirth It’s a baby girl. Mother can be shocked, she may accidently get frightened.
Asking for help There are some obstacles.
Social, political title It’s a sign referring to a high status. If it really is about a high position plus we got the first sign, danger is expected.
Commerce, business life It’s not the best time.
People you seek He/She/It isn’t coming.
Person you’re waiting for It’s difficult to get back the object.
Chasing thieves They’re close and can be caught soon.
Pleading It may end up with prison sentence.
Weather It’s going to rain.
Traveling Don’t travel. Misfortune.
Illness It’s really dangerous.
Personal wish It’s difficult to achieve.