I Ching Hexagrams: Decrease

Decrease (Sung)

Sung – Decrease: Though the Mountain is above the Lake may suggest that the Lake’s power washes away the Mountain – which is harmful – this is not the case. The Lake’s active energy decreases the passive Mountain’s inaction and vice versa. By removing it we can reduce the emotional and mental impurity in ourselves and reach mind balance. Suen also could mean sacrifice. This sacrifice isn’t harmful, it doesn’t mean loss. However, we have to understand what sacrifices do have to make, what are the things that we should clear off in order to achieve our goals. (mind balance)


I Ching Hexagrams – Decrease: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Put aside our fears and offer our help

Line 2: Watch out your energies. It’s not advantageous to withdraw or to promote.

Line 3: Harmony is the easiest to maintain between two people. A third person will create insecurity. Keep the center of the energy between two people.

Line 4: We are aware of our problem so we can do everything to solve it. Such progress brings on happiness.

Line 5: This line marks a weak leader who enjoys the support of the universe. Blessing and luck.

Line 6: If we thrive without lessoning others, no one can judge us. Since here the upper trigram is pretty strong, it offers its strength to serve others.


Personal fate Right now our luck is volatile.
Marriage Success. The Mountain denotes a young man, the Lake refers to a young woman.
Household, family Be extremely cautious with safety instructions. There are some relational problems in the family.
Childbirth Difficulty.
Searching for a new job We get the job, however financial loss is expected.
Social, political title Difficulties at the beginning, later achievable.
Commerce, business life It’ll be lucky after many endeavors.
People you seek It can be found.
Person you’re waiting for He/she/it is not coming.
Lost property It’s difficult to get it back.
Chasing thieves It’s difficult to catch them. We may find them to the northeast.
Pleading It can be beneficial for us, but unlucky for others.
Weather It’s going to rain.
Traveling This is not the right time for traveling. Someone may fool you.
Illness It’s curable.
Personal wish You won’t achieve your goals by urging the events.