I Ching Hexagrams: Development

Development – Gradual Progress (Meng)

Meng – Development: The Wind (the Tree) is above the Mountain. The Tree grows slowly. The inner trigrams, the Water and the Fire harmonize the energies. If the question is related to love, the Mountain is a young man; the Wind is a young woman. Their relationship is gradually forming; it can even end up in marriage. (or at least it could be evolved successfully). Job or career-wise it’s worth following a leader. This can open up opportunities to progress.


I Ching Hexagrams – Development: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This sign shows a young man who is inexperienced and thoughtless. Who aspires for promotion will now get criticized.

Line 2: If we abound with something, share it with others and we’ll be lucky.

Line 3: We mustn’t be aggressive. If we are attacked by force, protect ourselves. Exaggerations rush us into danger.

Line 4: This line indicates an unpleasant temporary rest.

Line 5: This line shows a good marriage that is envied by some people. It takes a lot of time for the woman to get pregnant.

Line 6: Exaggerated idealism doesn’t help now. You need practicality. In accordance with a journey it shows to go with a group.


Personal fate Your fate is like a tree standing on a high mountain. Blossoms in spring, flowerless in winter.
Marriage Successful.
Household, family The house is peaceful and safe.
Childbirth Being born in autumn, it’s a baby boy, if in spring, it’s a baby girl.
Searching for a new job You can find another job later.
Social, political title Achievable.
Commerce, business life It’ll return profit gradually.
People you seek He/She/It is coming.
Lost property It’s difficult to determine, where he/she/it is.
Chasing thieves They are not far, if you go after them, you may catch them.
Weather It’s going to rain.
Traveling If you want luck, go east, this is not the right time to travel to the north.
Illness Deteriorates.
Personal wish There are some obstacles, especially financial.