I Ching Hexagrams: Difficulty at the beginning

Difficulty at the beginning (Chun)

Chun – Difficulty at the beginning: In this sign, Water is placed above Thunder. Thunder denotes the strong, advancing energy yang energy that can break through obstacles. Upper trigram symbolizes water, thus a rift. Early start of the yang energy hits a snag and piles up. Just like water, that backs up behind the dam and can’t break it through. In such situation action brings grief. Its better keep calm and wait to avoid negative backlash. It’s a transitional situation that will change spontaneously. Be patient and wait.

I Ching Hexagrams – Difficulty at the beginning: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This is a crucial line, symbolizing the lingering yang energy, the Thunder. Since it’s unable to move forward, it stays and unites those who are in a similar situation.

Line 2: The second line is a weak man sitting on a sturdy horse who has difficulties controlling the animal.

Line 3: The third line faces a rift that is symbolized by the upper trigram thus the Water. There’s no correspondence so it isolates and gets into a dangerous situation. Resist to temptation and illusions you have no chance to succeed.

Line 4: The first line is the pair of the fourth; it can be a good relationship. There’s the chance of harmony, but there are two women frustrating unity. (the yin lines). In other relation, it’s like as if this line would be the minister of the fifth one. A good minister needs help (first line) to support the leader (fifth line).

Line 5: The leader would help the employees but there are obstacles. (line 4 and 6). Self-improvement can make the situation lucky.

Line 6: The upper line doesn’t correspond with the third one so it isolates. It’s impossible to deal with the difficulty; the only way to survive is changing ourselves wisely and deliberately. If we just sit and whine nothing will change.

Personal fate Good period, enjoy our personal life.
Marriage It’s not a good choice, hustle makes it more difficult.
Household, family The northern or eastern part of the house needs repair.
Childbirth Difficulty. It’s a boy.
Asking for help It can only be reached by multiple begging.
Social, political title It’s difficult to purchase.
Commerce, business life It’s difficult to achieve.
People you seek We shall hurry. Even if we don’t meet them, we may find out their whereabouts.
Person you’re waiting for He/She is coming.
Lost property You may found it at a grassy or woody area, where the vegetation is lush.
Chasing thieves Seek after them in the north or in the west.
Pleading Stay clear of the problems related to women.
Weather It’s cloudy, a storm is seem to be approaching.
Traveling The best is the northern or the western direction.
Illness It’s a result of a serious stasis, for example chest obliteration. If you get the third sign, the situation is extremely dangerous.
Personal wish It’s difficult to accomplish it within a short time. You’d better stay calm.