I Ching Hexagrams: Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm (Yu)

Yu – Enthusiasm: It’s time to rest and relax. The first Thunder of spring wakes the hibernated wild animals. This is a blessed state to refresh and recharge our energies. However be careful giddiness, excessive success, groove can make us conceited. Conceit can bring us to grief. It’s a good opportunity to decide what to do in the near future and to become organized.


I Ching Hexagrams – Enthusiasm: meaning of the lines

Line 1: At this place there is a yin line instead of a yang. This means a weakened dangerous situation. It shows self-sufficiency that is guarded and tried be hold back by the strong fourth line.

Line 2: The second line denotes a person who is handles well-being consciously. He/She doesn’t give him/herself to exaggerated fling, stays sober and thus he/she is an example that is worth to be followed.

Line 3: The third line supports constructively the fourth one, but it wants to support it beyond measure. What’s needed is not flattery but help.

Line 4: This is the hexagram’s central line that is in a harmonious and joyful place. This line unites people and with their support it reaches its goals.

Line 5: The fifth line symbolizes a person who neglects the duties by pursuing pleasures thus the fourth line needs help. In the lack of self-control it becomes useless.

Line 6: This line shows that happiness is only the result of self-delusion. You can avoid trouble by change.


Personal fate Luck.
Marriage The nature of the woman is harmful for the husband. She must be married off again.
Household, family The house will be seriously damaged.
Childbirth It’s dangerous. If childbirth is in summer, it’ll be a baby boy.
Asking for help It’s arriving.
Social, political title It’s achievable later.
Commerce, business life The price of the good is significantly increasing, so you can get a good benefit.
Person you’re waiting for After a few obstacles he/she/it will arrive.
Lost property It’s difficult to find.
Chasing thieves The thief is a woman who escaped to the west. It’s difficult to catch her.
Pleading It is grave in the beginning, but will ease up, and finally comes at peace with it.
Weather It will be nice.
Traveling Don’t travel with a weak person.
Illness It’s difficult to cure.
Personal wish It can come true.