I Ching Hexagrams: Fellowship with the Men

Fellowship with the Men (T’ung Jen)

T’ung Jen – Fellowship with the Men: Heaven is above Flame. Both energies go upwards. Pure, bright energy is released for a great goal. We have to understand that we need everyone to succeed. Unity is strength: that’s what helps people reaching their goal. If ego blocks our abilities and energies, our mind freezes our view becomes limited. If we’re having extraordinary skills, we need to share our talent with others, otherwise, we can’t get their power.


I Ching Hexagrams – Fellowship with the Men: meaning of the lines

Line 1: It symbolizes someone standing at the door. This line encourages you to get out from that room and let other people know you and understand you. This way there won’t be any problems.

Line 2: It’s not good for the group to split up into smaller parties. You need the collaboration of the whole group to succeed. Stay away from the sole relation with the leader.

Line 3: It symbolizes a warrior who can’t be tolerant and broad-minded. He/she is only good for leading bandits, but not for cooperating in the sake of common good.

Line 4: The fourth line is stronger than the first one. If you try to fight it, you’ll find resistance. If you realize this you can fix your mistake. Make soul-search.

Line 5: The fifth line is surrounded by hostility and opposition. If it unites with the second line, big harmony and peace are expected. No matter what the goal is we have to act bravely. Nothing significant can be achieved without difficulties.

Line 6: People gather because of a distant goal. It’s a good goal but its effect is less important than we hope.


Personal fate With the help of your friends you can prosper.
Marriage It’s going to happen. It’s not good for the husband if the woman is older.
Household, family Harmonious.
Childbirth Calm, peaceful childbirth. It’ll be a noble little boy.
Asking for help If we ask help from two people, we’ll succeed.
Social, political title It’s possible to get it. Two people will help you to succeed.
Commerce, business life It’s successful.
People you seek It’s possible to find it.
Lost property It’s in the southwest. Whomever took it is unknown, and is difficult to find.
Chasing thieves You can catch them soon.
Pleading You have people protecting you. It will be arranged soon.
Weather Rain at the beginning, but it’ll turn into nice weather. As the fifth sign says: tears at the beginning will be
Traveling It’s lucky.
Illness Fever, the whole body hurts. It’s difficult to cure.
Personal wish If your wish is fair, it will come to realization in the dawn of your life.