Five of Pentacles: general, standing and reversed meaning

Five of Pentacles, general description

Five of Pentacles is the 73rd card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

Five of Pentacles is the card of crisis, hardship and insecurity. It symbolizes the narrow gateways of life in which we feel miserable, deserted and really pathetic. In reality, it’s not really the forerunner of real losses and financial failures but the fact that we feel unstable, and we fear that we’ll be left no legs to stand on.

It depicts the state typical in every developmental crisis in which we leave stability and secure places behind in order to face challenges bigger than ever and the risks they go hand in hand.


Five of Pentacles (troubles), standing

Tough times because of an addiction, needless expenses, illness or external event. Rejection, solitude and lack of comfort. It can mean losing a job, personal financial catastrophe or bad twist and turns in a business situation.


Five of Pentacles (troubles), reversed

Financial problems lead to thoughtful actions. We should receive lurking physical (financial) dangers with a clear head. Solitude and suffer lead to spiritual improvement. We need to accept tensions and not fleeing from them to solitude.