Four of Pentacles: general, standing and reversed meaning

Four of Pentacles, general description

This is the 72nd card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

Four of Pentacles refers to the exaggerated need of security that implies desire for possessions, to avarice and the deeply rooted fear of change. The attitude symbolized by the card always has something out of touch, it has the intention to insist on the present situation and thus to the useless opposition with the currents of life.

The card always shows that we are on our way to rigidity. It is often the forerunner of the Tower that blows the shabby armor. If Four of Pentacles’ position calls upon this behavior, we have to moderate ourselves. However, this card can also mean that we have to hold our ground with this subject.

Four of Pentacles (power), standing

What you possess possesses you. The gained power detains you because you fear to lose it. You are the barrier to change; that might be because you lost your authenticity or just afraid change itself. Also, you’re convinced about the fact that security and personality lie in possessing material things. You are longing for things and people, plus you’re surrounded by the cloud of suspicion and preconception.


Four of Pentacles (power), reversed

You can freely use your influence and power for your pleasure and others’ furtherance. You bring stagnating situations through nadir. Also, you can find peace and fulfillment in more things than possessing financial things. Leaving behind others in order to take your own course. Handle your successes selflessly and generously.