I Ching Hexagrams: Gathering Together

Gathering Together – Massing (Ts’ui)

Ts’ui – Gathering Together: This sign depicts a peaceful, happy period when forest animals are gathering on a spawning meadow on the beach of the Lake. This is the right time for progress and to develop our creativity. Effective progress needs the spirits (collecting our inner forces) or the group to be brought together. Piling up good energies creates an opportunity to renew ourselves. If we’ve managed to build up our energies, be helpful with our environment.

I Ching Hexagrams – Gathering Together: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Order needs to be arranged before the assemblage. The line shows overwhelming energies that can be blocked by the help of the fourth line. Tidy up!

Line 2: This line is like the chime calling for gathering. Although it’s not the leader, it assembles those who are loyal to the leader (the case).

Line 3: The line aims at the upward direction and its actions trigger frustration. Whoever gets this line should avoid being arrogant and do their job alone otherwise they get isolated.

Line 4: This place denotes a virtuous person who isn’t in the right situation. However, he/she does the right thing at the right time.

Line 5: This line shows a great goal that can be reached by persistence. Take care of our helpers and protect them.

Line 6: This line doesn’t take part in the gathering because its pride separated it from the others.

Personal fate Though you’ll be safe, stay calm. You can’t neglect danger not even in the most peaceful period.
Marriage It’s achievable.
Household, family Beware of a flood.
Childbirth It’s a baby girl. Luck.
Searching for a new job It’s good to cooperate with military tribes, or even to join them.
Social, political title Success later.
Commerce, business life Success. The Mountain denotes a young man, the Lake refers to a young woman.
People you seek Search southwest and we may meet him/her.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property Check southwest. It’s difficult to find it.
Chasing thieves They (3 people) are staying east, and they can be caught.
Pleading Luck.
Weather Drought is expected.
Traveling It’ll be dangerous. Arguments are expected.
Illness It’s difficult to cure it.
Personal wish It’s achievable.