I Ching Hexagrams: Great Abundance

Great Abundance (Feng)

Feng – Great Abundance: The Thunder and the Fire depict sudden brightness and motion. This sign is about growth and wealth. However, it’s still important to keep our balance. Too much sunlight can cause drought, and it’s the same with prosperity. When we live in welfare don’t be sad about the fact that one day it’ll end. Self-improvement and honest, straight behavior can help welfare last longer. Worrying about losing what we have in the present is never good, and to top it all, this attitude can ruin the happy period.


I Ching Hexagrams – Great Abundance: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The rich guest meets the host. It means that the cooperation of two people can be successful.

Line 2: A blinding light can hinder the vision. Ambition, chasing prosperity can suppress the light of our mind.

Line 3: Someone with good and helpful intentions sets a bar against us. He/She doesn’t cause a big trouble.

Line 4: The situation is dark but associating with the proper person helps.

Line 5: Although the line marks a weak leader he/she can find those good helpers with whom he/she can be successful.

Line 6: The line has gone through its peak. The value of wealth is declining, just like someone who hides and isn’t useful. Or just like when a huge house is maintained for one person. Arrogance isolates you. Stay in the light and be useful.

Personal fate This is the pinnacle of a successful period. Be careful.
Marriage It’ll fail.
Household, family Live on or next to a mountain.
Childbirth Misfortune.
Searching for a new job Difficulties at the beginning, later there might be success.
Social, political title The situation is evolving.
Commerce, business life It’s possible to carry out.
People you seek It’s not easy to find it.
Lost property It’s in the east, and it’s easy to find it.
Chasing thieves They can be caught.
Pleading Good perspectives at the beginning but there can be problems later.
Weather It’ll be rainy, with flood.
Traveling Less speed.
Illness Very serious.
Personal wish It only can be implemented slowly.