I Ching Hexagrams: Holding together

Holding together – Union (Pi)

Pi– Holding together: This sign symbolizes union. With the presence of a respectful leader the team successfully aims for the goal. The harmonious prime of the Water and the Earth suggests companionship. According to the sign, the key to effectiveness is cooperation.


I Ching Hexagrams – Holding together: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line shows the beginning of a partnership. Friends, help and luck can be expected.

Line 2: Don’t choose our friends according to their social status and their appearances Honesty and virtue draw true friends, faithful and nice people.

Line 3: Be careful, this line shows that we are associating with an immoral person.

Line 4: This line is at the proper place. We have an incredible opportunity to extend our personal relationships. The wise leader standing on the fifth line appreciates our abilities. A friendship like this can lead to greatness.

Line 5: The fifth line is a wise chief, the leader of the situation. Alliance accomplishes and success approaches. Be careful, however, great hunters only shoot preys that are approaching them. Those who flee are let to run away.

Line 6: It’s too late. The opportunity is gone. There is no chance for a unity, if we force it, bad luck will hit us.


Personal fate At the beginning you’ll face difficulties, but luck is expected. Immediate action is good, hesitating ends up in failure.
Marriage It can be fortunate.
Household, family The district and the neighborhood are good. We can expect luck.
Childbirth Giving birth is safe. Spring baby will be a boy, autumn baby a girl.
Asking for help You’ll get it.
Social, political title It’s not such a high position. If you act now, you’ll be lucky.
Commerce, business life Creating a companionship is advantageous.
People you seek He is either in church or with a woman.
Person you’re waiting for He/She’ll leave you a message
Lost property Search to the northeast. You can find one part of it, but not the whole.
Chasing thieves It’s more than two people. They are staying east or south.
Pleading Make peace.
Weather Good weather will follow the rain or the opposite.
Traveling If you don’t go too far, traveling will be lucky.
Illness The problem is the heat in the chest and the stomach. If you don’t start curing it now, healing is going to be difficult.
Personal wish It’s realization takes a bit of time.