I Ching Hexagrams: Following

Youthful Folly (Sui)

Sui – Following: Strong willed people usually don’t like obeying and listening to those who are weaker than them. Still, adjusting to them can help becoming more effective. Those searching for the truth won’t find difficult to follow the good path, the problem is recognizing what good is. This hexagram advises following others.


I Ching Hexagrams – Following: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This sign shows that we should use our energies to change ourselves. Don’t bolt ourselves in, make friends with virtuous people. When change arrives in our life, we will need their help.

Line 2: The second line connects to the first and to the fifth line as well. There are two ways ahead it: it either chooses the easier but useless one or the more difficult one which will lead to the achievement of great things.

Line 3: The third yin line denotes a tricky and fraudulent person. However, it’s important to know that those acting from selfish, philistine greediness will always come mucker.

Line 4: The third line is a strong yang line in a yin position. It could easily rule the lower trigram but that wouldn’t be good. It’s better to keep calm, that’ll bring luck.

Line 5: It indicates a trustworthy leader who enjoys the loyalty of the followers.

Line 6: The mountain itself depicts a motionless position. This line marks a special helper who is not strained by the leader. However, its wisdom is still needed.


Personal fate Mundane. Stand still for a while, at least for the next year, when it will be optimal to travel to a distant place.
Marriage It can be successful, especially if a strong man marries a weak woman.
Household, family You’ll have a sudden shocking experience.
Childbirth Giving birth is safe, it’s a baby boy. If we got the fifth sign, the mother may expect some trouble.
Asking for help It’s possible to achieve.
Social, political title Have to wait. It’s not the right time.
Commerce, business life It seems difficult at the moment, next spring will be more profitable.
People you seek It may be found. Begin the search southwest, or any place with trees and rocks. It’ll be there.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It arrives immediately.
Lost property He/She/It is not far away.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding in the east, on a field, in the wilderness or in a house next to the shore.
Pleading The verdict is prison sentence.
Weather Heavy rain and thunderstorm is expected.
Traveling Follow others or go together. Don’t go alone.
Illness Headache and difficulties with nutrition. The problem is difficult to be cured.
Personal wish It’s possible to achieve it.