I Ching Hexagrams: Opposition

Opposition (K’uei)

K’uei – Opposition: The Fire is above the Lake. According to their natural movement, their energies move antagonistically, so this sign shows separation. This is not a period in which it’s worth starting new important things. Real effort and devotion can help you reach a less relevant result. Dominant male and female energies of the sign show an insufficient situation. This refers to a woman who uses a manly approach. Rivalry between a man and a woman in a relationship is never good. Relationships can only be harmonious if parties have common goals and they complete each other. The general advice of the sign is to avoid needless conflict. It’s better not to behave extremely and to hold back intense emotions.


I Ching Hexagrams – Opposition: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line isn’t in connection with the fourth (partner) line. That means neither malignancy nor friendship could be assumed. Let things go on their natural way and avoid negative people.

Line 2: This is a yang line in a yin position while the fifth line is a yin one in a yang position. It assumes that is we join with the other line the outcome with be positive.

Line 3: The power pulling the chariot doesn’t get a green light. If we continue the job failure is expected. Right now the obstacle is not outside but inside us.

Line 4: This is a yang line too, just like the first one. Both show a strong taste for independence so they separate. If they are straight and honest their relationship can stay good.

Line 5: The line shows harmony and solution. It creates harmony by its tenderness for everyone.

Line 6: The line shows isolation. Though it meets the third line, it’s suspicious and doesn’t want to approach it.

Personal fate You have to wait for success; this is not your day.
Marriage Marriage will lead to arguments. If the questioner is a woman, there’s a chance of a new marriage.
Household, family There is a disharmony within the family members of the same sex. It’s time to move.
Childbirth It’s a baby boy. Trouble is expected during childbirth.
Searching for a new job There are some obstacles.
Social, political title It’ll be difficult to get it.
Commerce, business life Don’t rush it. In the end significant profit is expected.
People you seek It’s difficult to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It isn’t coming.
Lost property We can try it in the northwest, but it will be difficult to find it.
Chasing thieves Wait, they’ll come back. Don’t chase them.
Pleading It’s time to make peace.
Weather It’s going to rain.
Traveling This is the right time.
Illness It’s a serious illness, healing will take a long time.
Personal wish Fruition comes with difficulties.