I Ching Hexagrams: The Marrying Maiden

The Marrying Maiden (Kuei Mei)

Kuei Mei – The Marrying Maiden: This sign draws attention to the importance of marriage and it raises attention to mistakes. It’s not favorable to let the woman rule in the relationship. Also it’s not advantageous if the woman aggressively courts a man. (especially if it’s from interest) The dominant yin energy shows that in this marriage it’s the woman who wears the pants. This guidance could be a warning as well. If the question is about the process of the relationship this sign suggests being gradual. Haste will only bring misfortune.

I Ching Hexagrams – The Marrying Maiden: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This relationship is not so good. Just like when one leg is shorter than the other. If one of the people tend to obey to the other the relationship can settle.

Line 2: Although the partnership is not perfect – so don’t expect anything extraordinary – everything will be alright.

Line 3: We have to find a better opportunity. If we don’t act, we’ll suffer.

Line 4: This line indicates a person who has definite goals and improves itself continuously. He/she will find a spouse late.

Line 5: The story of the line is about a princess marrying a person of no rank. This means the marriage between a spiritually advanced woman and a less intelligent man. The woman has to be subservient in order to balance the differences and make the marriage successful. In this case it’s the woman who has to be more patient and with whom it should be easy to get on well with. She should be complaisant with the imperfections of her husband.

Line 6: The lack of sincerity shows that nothing good can come out of this match.

Personal fate It seems everything is going well for a while, but this situation will disappear one day.
Marriage It’s achievable, but won’t last long.
Household, family It can’t be permanent.
Childbirth The child is usually a girl. If however it’s a boy, both mother and child will get in trouble.
Searching for a new job If you depend on a woman, he/she/it is difficult to be found.
Social, political title Although you seem to be small, you’ll get high position.
Commerce, business life He/She/It won’t be successful.
People you seek If they’re women, it’s difficult to find them.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It isn’t coming.
Lost property It can be found.
Chasing thieves They’re in the northeast, and it’s difficult to catch them.
Pleading Good time for reconciliation.
Weather Shower is expected.
Traveling It’s not fortunate to travel with a woman.
Illness Dangerous.
Personal wish There are some obstacles.