I Ching Hexagrams: Work on what has been spoiled

Work on what has been spoiled – Decay (Ku)

Ku – Work on what has been spoiled: Weak Wind can’t permeate the dense area at the foot of the Mountain. This straitened state will end up in decay. Decline has already started and it shouldn’t be neglected anymore. Now it’s really important to think of our acts. We can easily misunderstand the situation and get under the influence of destructive forces.


I Ching Hexagrams – Work on what has been spoiled: meaning of the lines

Line 1: We are hit by the negative effects of past actions. If we want to repair it we need to be careful and gently patient. Violence would only bring failure and resistance.

Line 2: This line shows mostly emotional problems. If we want to be effective we need to be understanding and tactful. If our appearance is too powerful, we hurt our environment.

Line 3: Although having the intention to correct mistakes is good, exaggerated hustle will meet with resistance. Pay attention to the approach, power and strength are obstacles right now.

Line 4: Current position isn’t suitable to improve decay. Those who are getting involved into the situation will cause bigger trouble and get humiliated.

Line 5: Correction, that is not purposeless at all, is made possible by the cooperation of the people.

Line 6: In the end decline is followed by correction. That is how things are. Intelligent people don’t try to flaunt the world with huge promises and benefit from others.


Personal fate Luck is on the horizon, but old habits shall be changed, new ones are needed.
Marriage It’s not good. Spouses can make each other sick.
Household, family Controlling the family costs can save you from temptation and loss.
Childbirth There may be some anomaly with the fetus. If you get the third sign, both the mother and baby can be in danger.
Asking for help Unsuccessful.
Social, political title Failure in the beginning, but further trying can bring you success.
Commerce, business life The stock is damaged. Try to sell it fast.
People you seek Hurry up, and use the help of three people.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property You may find it, but it will be damaged.
Chasing thieves They are in the southeast, but you can catch them.
Pleading Dishonesty leads to victory, but in the end you’ll lose. Arrange it out of court.
Weather Mostly rainy and cloudy If you got the third sign, the weather will be good.
Traveling Misfortune.
Illness It’s curable, but be careful. Someone cursed you or used black magic to cause trouble.
Personal wish It’s difficult to achieve it, don’t really get into it.