I Ching Hexagrams: Influence

Influence – Wooing: (Hsien)

Hsien – Influence: The Lake is above the Mountain. Their energies are approaching each other. Lake is the youngest daughter of Mother Nature, Mountain is the youngest son. Their affection is mutual and obvious. This affection can’t only be interpreted related to love. This sign also suggests harmonious outcome in a teacher-student relationship. Or in a business relationship perfect affection puts everything to its place, just like in a puzzle. This is the interaction between the weak and the strong. In a perfect relationship the different qualities of people complement each other, which lead to success. Those who are showing their power aggressively will be feared. If our question is related to a leader or an influential person, this sign suggests this: before influencing others first try to appeal them. If we want to strongly affect others, we seclude ourselves.


I Ching Hexagrams – Influence: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The situation has just started improving. Attraction is in its initial phase.  This could be the beginning of a friendship, attraction is not enough. Don’t act hastily.

Line 2: The extent of affection is bigger than at the previous (friendship) line. However the second line is still under pressure. Keep calm and don’t only aspire for physical relationship. (or if it’s about a business the temporary profit)

Line 3: Right now we only can adapt the situations. If we chase our dreams irresponsibly the reward would be humiliation. This line can denote genitals.

Line 4: The fourth line is the heart and the mind. The amount of love is growing. However the answer is only positive if we let things follow their own path.

Line 5: Affection has reached the periphery of the neck. We can’t influence others but we don’t feel guilty. That means we can’t have the desired relationship.

Line 6: The upper line denotes the tongue and the mouth. It shows a talk or a kiss.


Personal fate Everything will be amazing, we can be lost in love.
Marriage It’s a wonderful marriage.
Household, family The family is growing.
Childbirth It’s a boy.
Searching for a new job Will be lucky in the latter part of his/her life.
Social, political title Manage to get it.
Commerce, business life The venture is successful.
People you seek It’s not possible to find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is safe on the journey.
Lost property It’s close to water.
Chasing thieves They’re difficult to find it.
Pleading Make peace, otherwise there’s a chance of prison sentence.
Weather Rainy weather is expected.
Traveling An obstacle may occur.
Illness It’s curable.
Personal wish It can come true.