I Ching Hexagrams: Innocence

Innocence – The unexpected (Wu Wang)

Wu Wang – Innocence: Wu Wang deals with occurrences beyond control. It prepares you for something unexpected. The Thunder in the sign can be a forerunner of something positive but also something negative. It’s important to take the signs’ advice. Seek after innocence.  But there are two types of innocence: infantile innocence is appropriate but it doesn’t hold any real knowledge. Wise men don’t seek after this one. Pure natural innocence is about temperance and avoiding negative things. Sometimes even the wise men can step on the road of negative actions, but they usually try not to, since that’s how they can stay on the True Path.


I Ching Hexagrams – Innocence: meaning of the lines

Line 1: This line shows it’s time to act. The nature of the yang line is motion. If our necessary action is pervaded by innocence, luck can be expected.

Line 2: Weed out our vegetable garden. Namely work diligently and thoroughly. Avoid laziness. Don’t make the mistake of projecting instead of acting.

Line 3: An unexpected trouble is approaching. Its origin is entirely unjust for us but we just can’t deal with the situation. This problem can’t be solved by argumentation. It’s better avoiding suspicion.

Line 4: The strong yang line is in yin position. It has clearly got into trouble. With clean and virtuous attitude it can stay calm.

Line 5: Although there’s an unexpected obstacle, in the end the situation will be solved on its own. It’s not a real problem or we are much stronger than the challenge ahead us.

Line 6: Keep calm. This line is too far from the center. It lost the goal or its strength to continue. No matter what it does, it’ll bring trouble.

Personal fate The situation seems to be good. Though having a lot of money, the problems with your spouse often make you sick. A third person is in trouble, which affects and concerns you.
Marriage It’s possible to achieve and it’s successful.
Household, family There’s well-being and prosperity in your life. The family is expanding.
Childbirth It’s a little baby boy. If it somehow happens to be a baby girl, the mother will have difficulties.
Searching for a new job You can succeed in spring and summer, in autumn and in winter it’s less likely. If you’re depending on a woman, there can be an obstacle.
Social, political title If you can only rely on yourself, don’t give up. You can reach your goal by someone’s help.
Commerce, business life In the long term it’s advantageous and profitable.
People you seek Don’t search alone.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It comes.
Lost property It may be found, but don’t ask for women’s help.
Chasing thieves They are hiding southwest in a church. You can catch them.
Pleading Difficulties are suggested to be arranged peacefully.
Weather If we get the first sign, it’ll be raining. The second predicts strong wind.
Traveling Don’t hesitate!
Illness It can be dangerous at first, but it’ll be safe in the end. This state is more dangerous for women.
Personal wish It’s not the right time for now. If you anticipate it, you won’t achieve anything.