King of Cups: general, standing and reversed meaning

King of Cups, general description

King of Cups is the 27th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

King of Cups represents the masculine side of Water, it embodies the exploration of transcendental experiences, redemption and the mystical unification with the ancient, with the unnamable. He is aware of the fact that this knowledge can’t be achieved by the intellect, experiencing it is the privilege of those who can embrace intuitive perspectives and is ready to be found and touched.

The King of Cups also manifests the will that can give scope to our emotions and psychic abilities. We give materialize the perceived vibrations in the form of music, poem or other artistic creation, and least but not last in connection with healing. The dilettante or inconsiderate use of power distorts the picture:  the appearance of the figure of the ridiculous dabbler, the unrealistic fool or the totally unreliable, often dishonest person. The ability of deficient distancing makes him becoming the toy of powers and thus he easily ends up amongst intrigues and complications.

King of Cups, standing

The essence of water acting like air, just like a rolling cloud on the sky. Maturity, endless attention, tolerance, other perspectives and good insight into a character. Someone who intuitively recognizes the strength of the ones in his/her environment and helps their improvement. Calm in every situation and deals with conflictions perfectly, someone who can make peace with a few quiet words. The ability to listen to other people and deeply understand what’s in their heart. A successful partnership, a beloved leader.


King of Cups, reversed

The dark essence of water acting like air, just like rainclouds on the grey sky. Maturity and attention that hides insecurity and unreliable personality. Someone who secretly craves for power but doesn’t have the stamina, courage and knowledge to achieve it. An attractive tempter who seems to understand and innocent but in reality he/she is selfish and unfaithful.