I Ching Hexagrams: Modesty

Modesty (Ch’ien)

Ch’ien – Modesty: In nature the Mountain is above the Earth, but here it’s the opposite. Its high peak cringes. This hexagram depicts a humble, reserved person. Here the Mountain consciously accepts its situation. Follow this example in our everyday lives. Don’t overwork and don’t overstretch ourselves. This will let us have a natural, long life. Controlling our towering ambitions makes our morality shine brighter. Modesty is the only way to wield our power beneficially.


I Ching Hexagrams – Modesty: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Humble and imperturbable progress makes possible to get promotion from a low-status job.

Line 2: It’s impossible to avoid arguments and difficulties; all that really matters is to stay humble. However be careful. People who are too humble usually want to manipulate others. Plus exaggerated humbleness can easily be interpreted as weakness.

Line 3: The third line teaches us to solve bothersome situations with our best intentions. Sooner or later this attitude will bring luck.

Line 4: The fourth line is close to the power of the situation. Being humble can help you win the trust of your leaders and employees as well.

Line 5: This is a weak line but it’s surrounded by wise ones. It’s followed because it’s modest and it can handle the upcoming problems.

Line 6: The upper line shows the urge of self-restriction. Whenever there is some inconvenience we have to fight ourselves and not step up aggressively towards the outside world.


Personal fate Things go smooth for a while, but gradually become more difficult.
Marriage It can happen, but intimacy can be troubled for the woman.
Household, family The house is located next to a mountain, but it’s not good for children.
Childbirth Giving birth is safe.
Asking for help It’s not fortunate at the beginning. Renewed request leads to success.
Social, political title It’s difficult to get the important position. Be humble and don’t even talk about the high status.
Commerce, business life It’ll be beneficial later.
People you seek He/She will come back from his/her own will.
Person you’re waiting for He/She is arriving later, or not coming at all.
Lost property Search in the east or in the south in an area with bamboos. Or in the bushes or between trees.
Chasing thieves They are close, in the southeast, and possible to be caught.
Pleading Make peace. In this situation pleading is not favored. Justice is on your side.
Weather It’s going to rain. If it’s windy, the weather will be nice.
Traveling Obstacle may emerge, but there won’t be trouble. It’s lucky to be in a crowd.
Illness Depression and stasis. It’s difficult to cure.
Personal fate Things go smooth for a while, but gradually become more difficult.