Nine of Wands: general, standing and reversed meaning

Nine of Wands, general description

Nine of Wands is theĀ 47th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.

Nine of Wands means defiance and opposition with a threatening situation or experience. However it also shows that there isn’t any real threat (unlike Seven of Wands), fears and defensive reaction are only recalled by our previous painful experiences. It indicates isolation that is often called hard-headedness in tales. It usually means that, as a hedgehog, we don’t want to the important steps that would be important for our growth.

After all there are some situations in which it refers to the total opposite: that we have already made the decisive step and now we are closing the door behind with full blast to cut off the opportunity of withdrawal. In this case, the card has a more positive meaning that promotes improvement. However, it also warns us that there’s something we haven’t done properly: we ran away from the problem and now we are afraid that our past will catch up. Real farewell means to end a certain experimental period in our time: and if we do so, it means we have overcome it thus we won’t fear it anymore.

Nine of Wands (power), standing

Break in the fights to prepare for the next ones. The eye of the storm. Preparation for the last pay-off. Power that is appropriated to foresee challenges and sorrow. Stealing one’s heart for the crucial moment. A line in the sand.


Nine of Wands (power), reversed

Belatedly started preparations for an upcoming event. Efforts threatened by treachery or sabotage. Wasting power before the crucial battle. Invalidism and uncertain will.