Page of Cups: general, standing and reversed meaning

Page of Cups, general description

Page of Cups is the 30th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.


Page of Cups, just like the other three pages, shows an impulse, an occasion, an opportunity, a potential. In this case, it’s either the gesture of an invitation to a merry event or the gesture of love and reconciliation. Though the impulse has a different origin every time, it invokes our emotions and we accept it with gratitude.

The card shows the peace offer after times full of arguments and bickering, the empathy of others during hard times and last but not least the moment of affectionate touches when we fall in love. The impulse is usually positive and honest, it only needs to be doubted if the other cards are mostly unfavorable.

Page of Cups, standing

The essence of the water with an earthy appearance just like a source. An unexpected and new relationship that is playful and spontaneous. A romantic soul full of compassion, imagination and infantile joy. Delicate reflection in love, spirituality and also in personal and business affairs.


Page of Cups, reversed

The earthy aspect of water’s dark essence, just like a source. An unexpected and new relationship that is infantile and foolish. A daydreamer without goals who can’t understand the surrounding reality. Bad mood, depression and withdrawal from society. Temptation and fraud in personal and business affairs.