Page of Wands: general, standing and reversed meaning

Page of Wands, general description

Page of Wands is the 27th card of the Major Arcana. It is part of Fatecaster’s Tarot card list that summarizes the Rider Waite Tarot cards’ meaning.


Pages show us the opportunities and possibilities crossing our way. The opportunity of the Page of Wands equals Fire, so it is a fascinating impulse or suggestion that we welcome.

This is an opportunity exceeds our former levels of experience, that makes us adventurous, needs courage and taking risks, and by breaking you free from the paralyzing routine of everyday life it increases tension. It can be a challenging sport, any occasion that can help gauging our boundaries or smaller, exciting quotidian experiences and buzzes.

Page of Wands, standing

The essence of fire acting like soil, like a tree or charcoal. The appearance of a surprising emotion. An adventurer who lives life to the fullest and inspires his/her environment. Intensive enthusiasm and infantile fantasy that can nourish new ventures. Success only needs secured material and spiritual conditions. Inner fire that burns fear and creates anger. It can mean a person who is shy but his/her inner light can easily be inflamed. It also can mean childbirth.


Page of Wands, reversed

The dark essence of fire acting like the Earth just like dry wood. Sudden appearance of a new emotion or unusual news. A swindler who blows dangerous situations with incredible dexterity. The intensive and infantile imagination that can turn even the safest venture into chaos. It can mean a shy-looking person who in reality is angry. It can mean childbirth as well.