I Ching Hexagrams: Peace

Peace (T’ai)

T’ai – Peace: In this sign Heaven is under the Earth. Yang energy moves upwards, yin downwards, just like they should. This is the natural and fruitful form of things. T’ai sign reveals a period full of peace, harmony and wellbeing. In such times wise people use their power to make it for others benefit. Peace is easier to be achieved than to be kept. Be careful and protect the fruits of prosperity.

I Ching Hexagrams – Peace: meaning of the lines

Line 1: We can find supporting relationships that are good for us. This is a favorable period to reach our goals.

Line 2: This line is the central figure of making peace. It needs benevolence and single heart to accept different energies.

Line 3: This line is in between a rising yang and a descending yin line. This shows an uncertain situation. It may seem that the situation exceeds our abilities but perseverance can help us achieve good results.

Line 4: Followers acquired by money and power won’t accompany us for long. However good intention attracts honest people and that can help us become successful. First harmony needs to be established with the close neighbors.

Line 5: The line represents a leader who is in league with inferior social classes. Destiny unites those who are still on their way and those who have already arrived. Luck goes to everyone regardless of level. Don’t be mean, share it with others and we’ll find true happiness.

Line 6: Luck is followed by bad luck. This line warns us to hold back ourselves in order to keep up the situation. Thus we can minimalize decline.


Personal fate There’s a lot of concern with women’s gossips.
Marriage The knot can be tied, but will end up with divorce.
Household, family The house is not suitable for a woman.
Childbirth Safe childbirth and a good baby boy is expected.
Asking for help You’ll get bigger help than what you’ve expected.
Social, political title With the help of an influenced person promotion is possible.
Commerce, business life Buyer gets more bang for the buck than the seller.
People you seek If you got the fifth sign, we may find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/she/it is not coming.
Lost property It’s not stolen, it can be found near at hand.
Chasing thieves There are three or four people hiding east, next to a water. It’s difficult to catch them.
Pleading It’s a good period for peaceful agreement. Negotiation won’t bring victory.
Weather It’s not going to rain.
Traveling It’s not a good time to travel alone. Find two attendants.
Illness If it’s a long standing condition, it’s dangerous.
Personal desire If you hurry, it won’t happen. But on the long term it’s achievable.