I Ching Hexagrams: Possession in Great Measure

Possession in Great Measure (Ta Yu)

Meng – Youthful Folly: The upper trigram denotes light referring to the clean mind. The lower one healthy creative power. Health, even-tempered mind and power show the ability to lead other people. However, abundance and accomplishment always carry the possibility of upcoming decline. If people do their job dutifully, without trip ups, then the situation is sustainable. Those wishing for great goals to achieve need to have a Sun-like reflection.


I Ching Hexagrams – Possession in Great Measure: meaning of the lines

Line 1: The first line is in an isolated situation. This is natural; there aren’t any problems right now. Avoid harmful things and attention rising.

Line 2: The second line depicts a huge chariot that carries the second, the third and the fourth line as well. This is a powerful situation. This energy should be used wisely. Be like the huge chariot that advances towards its goal.

Line 3: With unselfish and unique mentality we can enjoy the abundant harvest. Selfishness and greediness will lead to a different outcome than what we have expected. The unique situation denotes a changing status. Profit becomes loss, loss becomes profit. We can’t think about our personal profit right now.

Line 4: This line indicates the upcoming fullness and entirety. If we keep blowing ourselves up we’ll blow-out. We can get in trouble. Use our energies calmly and peacefully.

Line 5: An able leader’s real power doesn’t manifest in bravado but in uniting others for the sake of the cause. He/She doesn’t need to have the best of the running with every detail.

Line 6: At the majority of the hexagrams the upper line is unlucky but here it shows something miraculous. It marks an incredibly wise person who supports the fifth, leader line. It teaches us that we don’t always have to appoint wise people as leaders; we can rely on them as a supporter as well.

Personal fate Miraculous, blessed and healthy.
Marriage The marriage is successful. The woman is beautiful but short.
Household, family Sharing the household with other people brings luck.
Childbirth Giving birth can be dangerous. Stay clear of the circumstances that can dispose miscarriage.
Asking for help In the beginning people doubt you, but in the end you succeed.
Social, political title With a help of an important person, the situation goes in the right direction.
Commerce, business life It can be successful, but be careful, because there’s a chance of loss.
People you seek It can be found in the south or in the east.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is coming.
Lost property You can find it.
Chasing thieves It’s difficult to get them.
Pleading In the beginning the verdict may concern you, but in the outcome will be lucky.
Weather If it’s raining, sunshine will come. If it’s sunny, it’s going to rain.
Traveling Don’t leave now, wait a few days. West is an advantageous direction.
Illness Headache or an eye disease that is difficult to be cured.
Personal wish It’s difficult to achieve. According to money or literary success is expected.