I Ching Hexagrams: Preponderance of the Great

Preponderance of the Great (Ta Kuo)

Ta Kuo – Preponderance of the Great: This sign reveals a house standing on a weak foundation. It also can be a man with muscular chest and scruffy legs. The two bracing, weak yin energies can’t deal with such strong yang energies: exorbitance and danger are expected. If it was a question related to timing, the sign shows hostility. However, ff the question was about a health issue, the sign denotes a life threatening situation. But if the question was about a character, it depicts a selfish, aggressive, rigid or a passive, oversensitive, shy and weak person. Such a person is incapable to become a leader and many cases he/she is even worthless for the team. The main teaching of the sign is that do not overdo things, if you want success, always stick to the golden mean.


I Ching Hexagrams – Preponderance of the Great: meaning of the lines

Line 1: Reed only bends in the strong wind, trees drop down. We should be the reed. There are many strong lines oppressing us, strength and resistance are not good for us now.

Line 2: An elderly man marries a young girl. With the cooperation of the weak and the strong the relationship can work harmoniously. The strong one works outside, the weak one inside. This is the principle of yin and yang as well. If we know which group we belong to we have the answer.

Line 3: This is the main line of the sign. Exaggeration and impinge have absolutely propagated. It may mean death. The roof beam is loaded till breaking point.

Line 4: Strong is supported by the weak, the tall is respected by the short. Act like this and luck will turn up in our life.

Line 5: The young warrior marries an elderly woman to create balance. Their relationship isn’t long lasting.

Line 6: Danger is here. Impinge overwhelms now. Progress can only be done by smooth deliberation. Power and provocative behavior bring fail.

Personal fate Poor, disharmonic and impregnate.
Marriage Not good.
Household, family The situation favors living together with others.
Childbirth It’s a baby girl.
Asking for help It’s achievable.
Social, political title It’s not good, forget it!
Commerce, business life It’s difficult to achieve.
People you seek It’s difficult to find it. If you get a message, you’ll find it.
Person you’re waiting for He/She/It is not coming.
Lost property It has fallen into water, it’ll be difficult to get it back.
Chasing thieves They’re hiding west, you can catch them.
Pleading There’s an obstacle.
Weather Rainy and cloudy weather is expected for a while.
Traveling This is a good period for travelling.
Illness It’s serious, but curable.
Personal wish It’s difficult to achieve.